Hollow Knight Item List

Charms (36*) + Update Charms

Location: King’s Pass

Hollow Knight Item List

#1 Fury of the Fallen (2 Slot) – Increases damage dealt when Player only has 1 heart left. Location: Requires Cloak or Mantis Claws. Look for the Geo cluster that is in the bottom right of the pit room. Use cloak to cross spikes, continue right to find Charm.

Location: Dirtmouth

Vendors: Sly + Iselda

#2 Gathering Swarm (Sly) (1 Slot) – Swarm gathers Geo automatically for player. 300 Geo

#3 Stalwart Shell (Sly) (2 Slot) – Gives players more invincibility frames when damage taken. 200 Geo

#4 Wayward Compass (Iselda) (1 Slot) – Shows Player location on map. 220 Geo

#5 Nailmaster’s Glory (Sly) (1 Slot) – Lowers time needed to ready Nail Art. Collect all 3 Nailmaster Arts and talk to Sly

#6 Heavy Blow (Sly) (2 Slot) – Increases attack knock back. 350 Geo (need to give Sly storeroom key – found in Crystal Peak)



Vendor: Divine (The Grimm Troupe Update)

Divine will take any of your fragile charms and make them unbreakable. This can be done by wearing the charm and then talking to her. In order to get all three unbreakable charms it requires paying:

Unbreakable Greed: 9000 Geo
Unbreakable Heart: 12000 Geo
Unbreakable Strength: 15000 Geo

Location: Forgotten Crossroads

Hollow Knight item list


#7 Glowing Womb (2 Slot) – Uses Soul to spawn 4 attack flies which follow Player around. Location: Hall before False Knight has a hidden room behind a fake wall (need super dash)

#8 Soul Catcher (2 Slot) – Increases the normal amount of Soul gained from killing enemies. Location: Complete the Vengeful Spirit tutorial (across from where you drop down to return to the gate)

#9 Grubsong (1 Slot) – Gives Soul when taking damage. Rescue 10 Grubs

#10 Grubberfly’s Effigy (3 Slot) – Shoots light when attacking with nail (must be full health). Collect all Grubs


Vendor: Salubra

#11 Lifeblood Heart (2 Slot) – Give 2 additional Lifeblood hearts (does not recharge). 250 Geo

#12 Longnail (2 Slot) – Extends attack range of nail. 300 Geo

#13 Steady Body (1 Slot) – Removes Player recoil when striking with nail. 120 Geo

#14 Shaman Stone (3 Slot) – Increases the damage of spells. 220 Geo

#15 Quick Focus (3 Slot)  – Lowers the time it takes to Focus. 800 Geo

Location: Fungal Wastes

Hollow Knight item list

#16 Dashmaster (2 Slot) – Users can Dash more frequently. Beside entrance to Royal Waterways

#17 Spore Shroom (1 Slot) – Emits spores which damage enemies when Focus used. Near secret ways to Queen’s Gardens and Deepnest.

#18 Mark of Pride (3 Slot) – Further extends the range of the nail attacks. Found inside Mantis village treasure room after defeating Mantis Lords.


Vendor: Leg Eater

Leg Eater sells Fragile Charms which break upon death and must be repaired. Have to pay Leg Eater one time fee of 86 Geo.

#19 Fragile Heart (2 Slot) – Gives 2 additional hearts. 350 Geo

#20 Fragile Greed (2 Slot) – Increases amount of Geo enemies drop when killed. 250 Geo

#21 Fragile Strength (3 Slot) – Increases damage nail attacks do. 600 Geo

Location: Greenpath

Hollow Knight item list

#22 Shape of Unn (2 Slot) – While Focusing, player takes on from of maggot. Located through the Lake of Unn need Isma’s Tear to collect

#23 Thorns of Agony (1 Slot) – When player takes damage, Thorns lash out at enemies. Long room to right of third main room (look at pic). Cross the thorns.

Location: City of Tears

Hollow Knight item list

#24 Spell Twister (2 Slot) – In the room before fighting Soul Master there is a hidden room above you

Location: Royal Waterways

Hollow Knight item list

#25 Defender’s Crest (1 Slots) – Player emits an odor cloud which damages anything within it & lowers cost of repairing fragile Charms. Defeat Dung Defender.

#26 Flukenest (2 Slot) – Vengeful Spirit shoots maggots. Defeat Flukemarm.

Location: Howling Cliffs

Hollow Knight item list

#27 Baldur Shell (2 Slot) – Creates a shield for user using Soul. Look for a chest, hit it open and jump inside it. You’ll be trapped in a room with Baldurs. Defeat the Baldurs and head right.

#28 Joni’s Blessing (4 Slot) – Turns all Player’s hearts into Blueblood hearts and gives additional hearts. Found at the end of Joni’s Repose.

Location: Crystal Peak

Hollow Knight item list

#29 Deep Focus (4 Slot) – Draws Soul from the air. Look for a miner mining a wall. Break wall to reveal secret area. Need Super Dash.

Location: Resting Grounds

Hollow Knight item list

#30 Soul Eater (4 Slot) – Draws Soul from still living enemies. Ground pound grave. Head right in secret passageway.

#31 Dream Wielder (1 Slot) – Decreases charge time of Nail Art. Collect 500 Essence and give to Seer.

Location: Kingdom’s Edge

Hollow Knight item list

#32 Quick Slash (2 Slot) – Increases attack speed of nail. Ground pound floor near bench. Head through maze.

#33 Hiveblood (4 Slot) – Replaces mask with hive combs which replenish over time. Circle near tram is a breakable wall. Look for spike pit with flies around it. Break wall with sword or projectile.

Location: Deepnest

Hollow Knight item list

#34 Sharp Shadow (2 Slot) – Dashing into enemies will damage them. Room beneath the working tram; need Shade Cloak to access.

Location: The Abyss

Hollow Knight item list

#35 Lifeblood Core (3 Slot) – Gives 4 Lifeblood hearts when resting. Left wall of The Abyss is a cave that only opens if you have 14+ Lifeblood.

Void HeartHollow Knight item list

#36 Void Heart (permanently equipped, 0 Slot) – Is unique because it essentially allows you to get the ‘good ending’ by enabling you to hit the Hollow Knight with the Dream Nail. To collect this Charm is a 3 part process.

Queen’s Garden – Defeat Traitor Lord and head inside the Queen’s building. Inside this building is the White Crest Fragment

Ancient Basin – Head to the Palace Grounds and hit the knight with the (Upgraded with 1800 essence) Dream Nail. This will take you inside the hell hole that is White Palace. At the end of White Palace is the King’s Soul.

              – King’s Soul (4 Slot) – Regenerates Soul and allows access to deeper Abyss.

Abyss – Head to very bottom and ground pound loose floor. Go through maze and hit your reflection in the Cracked Orb with the Dream Nail. Complete dream sequence and receive Void Heart.

Update Charms

#37 Dreamshield (3 Slot) – Grants a shield that will attempt to protect you (rotates around you). Found beneath the Seers room in Resting Grounds. Look for a breakable wall.

#38 Weaversong (2 Slot) – Summons weaverlings. Can be found in the Weaver’s Den in Deepnest.

#39 Sprintmaster (1 Slot) – Increases the running speed of the bearer. Bought from Sly (Dirtmouth) for 200 Geo.

Salubra’s Blessing

Hollow Knight item list

After collecting all 36 Charms, return to Salubra and you will be able to purchase Salubra’s Blessing for 800 Geo. This blessing refills your Soul meter when you are rest at a bench.

*# beside Charm for total reference sake.

On the next page of his Hollow Knight item list you will find Vessel Fragments.


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  1. Spectralstriker says:

    You forgot the lantern

  2. chocodoggo says:

    btw the fully charged dream nail is at 1800 not 1300, I tried with 1300 and 1500 and nothing happened.

  3. jaybee says:

    I got the 1st white fragment then went to ancient basin then head to palace grounds and hit the white armor but nothing is happening the i went to the abyss and look for the crack floor you said didn’t find ti either please help

    • Kirrund says:

      You need 1300 essence upgraded dream nail to be able to enter the White Armor’s dreams.

      For the floor in the abyss, once you have the completed two piece charm merely walk along the floor of the main abyss room and you’ll see the floor shake.

  4. Ijbest says:

    Can’t find the charm in the spot shown on your map. Is there a trigger for it?

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