Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off the Shelves Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off the Shelves is a side quest players can complete in the game by speaking to Cressida Blume in the Library Annex – Central Hall. This side quest tasks you with collecting Cressida’s books that are flying around the Library of Hogwarts. To help you complete this side quest see our guide below.

Where to Start Flying Off the Shelves?

Hogwarts Legacy Cressida Blume.
Cressida Blume.

The Flying Off the Shelves side quest can be started in the Library Annex – Central Hall location of Hogwarts after you’ve acquired the Accio spell from the first Charms class. The quest giver, Cressida Blume can be found inside of the room with the Mermaid Statue. She is located to the northwest of the statue standing up the stairs, sitting on a chair. Speak to Cressida to start the quest.

How to Complete Flying Off the Shelves?

When you speak to Cressida Blume she tells you that she was working on a charm to make her books float. This charm messed up and now her books are flying around the Library. She asks you to go into the Library and get them back for her.

Hogwarts Legacy Cressida Blume flying book.
One of Cressida Blume’s flying books in the Library.

Once you’ve spoken with Cressida the next step is to go to the Library. The Library is located to the right at the bottom of the stairs. Head through the two doors there to enter it. You will be in the lower portion of the Library. Look up and you will see books flying around. Use Accio to snag the books out of the air (should be 3x in the lower area).

After you’ve grabbed those three flying books go upstairs. You should find another 2x books flying around up there. Snag them both. Keep in mind that one of the books is Cressida’s diary, which contains some funny text you may want to read.

Take all 5x books back to Cressida. At this point you have two options with how you want to end this quest. You can threaten to expose Cressida’s diary to other classmates or be a good friend and give it to her. If you opt to be a scoundrel you receive an additional 300 Galleon alongside the XP and Avian – Grey Wand Handle you get regardless.

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