Half Sword Demo Unleashes Gory Medieval Combat on Steam

A screenshot from Half Sword.

Half Sword, created by Half Sword Games, thrusts players into the role of a 15th-century medieval fighter. Although the premise may appear ordinary, the game’s combat and macabre blood and dismemberment systems add an interesting element to the experience.

In the complete version of Half Sword, you will take on the role of a commoner-turned-knight, participating in ruthless 15th-century European tournaments against other knights, as detailed on the game’s Steam page.

The term “complete” is significant in the preceding paragraph. Presently, the game is far from completion; it primarily exists as a proof of concept experience available for engagement. What’s accessible now is an experimental demo, providing a glimpse of the game’s combat and armor systems.

The demo unfolds in a sizable, arena-like setting, shrouded in near-complete darkness. You have the freedom to navigate this environment in either first-person or third-person perspective, searching for new weapons and armor. As you traverse, hostile adversaries materialize from the dark to test your combat skills.

The developers have placed a strong emphasis on creating realistic animations and maneuvers. This results in an intriguing combat experience, where using a weapon demands physically swinging it with your mouse. Hits result in graphic gore – beheadings, limb severing, and disembowelment.

There is no end goal to the demo besides surviving and defeating as many opponents as you can. The demo tracks your score and shows it to you when you are brutally killed in battle.

If you want to try Half Sword you can download the demo on the Steam page. You can also join the game’s official Discord, visit the Half Sword website to learn more about the game, or back it on Kickstarter.

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