GTA Online 10th Anniversary Rewards

Image showing the three GTA Online Anniversary Weapon skins players get for free.

The 10th Anniversary of GTA Online is on September 17th. 2023. To celebrate this occasion Rockstar Games is giving players of the title a variety of in-game rewards as a thank you for playing. To learn all of the currently available GTA Online 10th Anniversary rewards, see our complete guide below.

Trevor, Michael, and Franklin Outfits as Login Bonus

Image showing the Trevor, Michael, and Franklin outfits in GTA Online.
You can snag the three outfits of the protagonists.

The GTA V story mode features some of gaming’s most well known main characters. The cast of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin are beloved by many. This fandom has led many wanting to either RP as them in online or at least have the ability to dress like them. Rockstar is now making both of those wishes a reality by giving players the outfits of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin for free in the online game mode when the user logins anytime between now and September 27th.

Trevor, Michael, and Franklin Cars For Purchase

Players that wish to take their fandom of the trio a step further can do that by acquiring the trio’s different vehicles. During the anniversary celebration the following main character’s cars are available for purchase at Simeon’s in the online mode:

  • Trevor’s Truck the Bodhi for GTA$25,000.
  • Michael’s Obey Tailgater for GTA$55,000.
  • Franklin’s Buffalo S for GTA$99,000.

If you wish to purchase any of these cars simply visit the dealership in-game and purchase them that way. Once the purchase is made you can add them to any of your Garages.

Trevor, Michael, and Franklin Themed Gun Skins

Rounding out the list of rewards is the inclusion of three new weapon skins players can receive for free. Theses weapons skins can be yours by simply logging into online mode before September 27th. The skins you receive are as follows:

  • Micro SMG – Employee of the Month Finish.
  • Carbine Rifle – Suede Bucks.
  • RPG – Uncle T Finish.

To apply the skins listed above make your way to any amm-u-nation in Los Santos. Go to one of the weapons listed above and select it. On the upgrade screen scroll down until you find the skin mentioned for that weapon.

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