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In honor of the December holidays developers Phogia Game Studio released a special holiday update for the monster game Carrion called the Greatest Time of the Year. This update is free for players and features a brand new level for players to complete in-game. This DLC level tasks players with taking the monster through a base that has been decorated for the holidays. To help you complete this DLC use our Greatest Time of the Year DLC guide below.

How to Start Carrion Greatest Time of Year DLC

Before you can play this new level you need to first download the update for Carrion that released on December 24, 2020. Once you have this update installed open your game and you will be greeted with the screen above. On this screen scroll down and select the Carrion Greatest Time of Year (Xmas Specia). Select this DLC to be taken to a seperate menu screen for the additional content. Start a new game to begin the new level.

Carrion Greatest Time of Year Guide

When you start the new DLC you will be located near the top of the base. From here you will need to guide the monster all the through the military base so you can eventually reach the surface where you will escape. This mission takes about 30-1 hour to complete depending on your skill in the game.

Hive 1

From the start head to the right into the next room. Defeat both of the enemies in this room and charge your ability using the power source. Head through the vent on the right of the room into the next room. Ignore the elevator for now and head down the shaft into the room below. Continue down through this room into the next room below. Defeat the enemy here and then interact with the first hive of the area.

Image showing the first Hive in Carrion's Greatest Time of Year DLC.

Once you’ve saved at the first hive go into the door above it into the next room. In this room make your way to the right until you encounter a trooper that has an antenna on its back. Defeat this trooper to trigger the doors above to open and the enemies to get electrocuted. With the path to the lever cleared head to it then pull it to open a door back at Hive 1. Return to Hive 1 and go through the now open gate heading to the right.

Getting to Hive 2

Take control of the enemy in D23 to reach a lever.

Stand underneath the switch and use your E/Web ability to pull the switch. This will trap you inside, but will open the gate leading to the right. Move slightly to the right so you are above the man in the washroom. Take control of this man and use him to blast the two enemies in the room to the right and the window blocking the middle opening above the switch. Once the enemies are cleared out and the window is destroyed use the monster to access the switch in the middle of the room using the E/Web ability.

Retake control of an enemy body and head to the right. Walk past the mech and open the door then jump into the mech. Use the mech to clear the room D24 of the four enemies then switch back to the monster and use it to take control of a dead enemy. Climb the ladder with the enemy and enter the door to the right to use the switch. Pull the switch to open the vent above D23 and D24. Head up the vent as the monster into the next room.

Defeat the enemies in this next room and go up the shaft to the left of the elevator. In this upper room take out the two enemies and head to the row of three switches you can pull. Pull the middle one (B0) to get power back to the elevator at the beginning of the level. Use the pipe to head to the left then get on the elevator and pull the switch to ride it up. To the room above. Defeat the enemy in this room and head to the left.

Hive 2

In this left room (C2) defeat the two enemies and pull the switch on the left to open gates leading left and right (of the elevator we used to get up here). Since we are right beside the now open left gate go left into the next room. Continue through the hallway into the next room.

This next room is full of roughly 10 enemies. You need to defeat all of the enemies that have antennas to open the gate heading to the left. This is a bit of a pain, but if you can try and take control of an enemy on the lower floor near the water, then use it to kill the enemies above. This approach worked fairly well for me. Once you have the room cleared head up to now usable switch in the top left corner and use it to open the left gate. Go through the open gate into the next room E1. Go through the vent heading down in this room to reach Hive 2.

Hive 3

From Hive 2 head to the right into the next room. In this room you need to defeat a number of drones as they appear. Once the drones are defeated the gate heading bottom left will open. Go through the pipe down into the next room. Go through the pipes and water so you reach the door on the left-side of the room. Head through the door and kill all of the enemies inside so you can access the switch. Pull the lever then head back to the room with the water. Pull the three switches in the water so the gate to Hive 3 opens. Interact with Hive 3 to have a path leading up appear. Follow this path up and right into the next room.

Hive 4

Head up the vent until you are above a room with a shotgunner inside it. Take control of the shotgunner and use him to clear all of the enemies leading to the switch below. Use the switch then head through the now open gate leading right as the monster. Clear the enemies in this room then hook the explosive and use your shield to blow up the barrier in your path. Head into the next room and defeat all of the enemies inside it. Go to the right to reach the Hive 1 room. Pull the lever there to trigger one section of the C2 gate. Save your game then take the elevator back up and head right (follow the exit signs). Take out the guards and continue heading to the right into the next room. Go down in this room to reach Hive 4. Return to the room above and go up via the vents.

Exiting the Base

In the room above you will find two hand scanners and a switch. Use the switch to open the gate below then head back down and go through the gate. Defeat all of the enemies in this room to open the gat heading to the right. Smash the wood in your way then head into the next room.

Take out the enemy above you then head down through the vent leading to the right to reach a switch. Pull the switch then follow the path above to the left. This next section takes you outside. There are a ton of enemies here so make a save at Hive 4 before attempting. Use your harpoon ability to destroy enemies that get in your way as you head to the right. On the far right side of the room you will find a lever. Pull it to open the second half of the C2 Gate. Backtrack to C2 and go up through the now open gate.

The room above C2 is F5. In this room there are two switches on the left and right sides of the room. Use the switch on the rightside to reach F7. Clear the room of enemies then use the lever on the right side to open the gate leading to F3. Head left and enter F3. Interact with the container to get Parasitism. Follow the exit signs back to the room above Hive 4 that has the handscanners. Use Parasitism to become a human and interact with the scanners. Climb the ladder and get in the helicopter to beat the level.

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