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Another monster you will find lurking inside the Rotten Vale, is a beast named Great Girros. This large, fanged wyvern, is capable of paralyzing you and has a number of minions aiding it during the fight. To help you bring the Great Girros down, use the Great Girros guide below.

Great Girros Information

Difficulty: Expert (4⭐)

Location: Rotten Vale

Size: Large

Species: Fanged Wyvern

Weak To: 

  • Water 3⭐
  • Ice 2⭐
  • Fire 2⭐

Severable/Breakable (Weak Points): Tail (weak point), Head (weak point), Legs (weak point)

Material (Carves + Low Rank Rewards): 

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards):

Scale+ 5⭐
Hide+ 4⭐
Hood+ 3⭐
Tail 3⭐
Fang+ 3⭐
Scale+ 4⭐
Hide+ 4⭐
Fang+ 3⭐
M Bone+ 3⭐
Omniplegia Sac 3⭐
Hood+ 2⭐

Reward Money:  N/A

Storyline Quest: N/A – Optional (Can be fought during the Rotten Vale Expedition)

Hunting Quest Text:  N/A Optional

Characteristics: A monster that scavenges for meals dropped from the Coral highlands. It acts as the alpha leader of a Girros pack, and sports giant fangs that paralyze its prey.

Useful Information: Taking down lesser Girros will make the rest of the pack scatter, and should be a top priority. Breaking the fangs of a Great Girros will make its paralyzing agent much weaker.

Great Girros Fight Guide

Main Fight Mechanic: Girros Adds + Paralysis

Girros: In this fight, you will need to face the Great Girros as well as a number of Girros adds throughout the various areas of Rotten Vale. These adds make the fight more awkward, but do not deal very much damage. Watch out for Toxic Gas in this area as it will lower your maximum available HP if exposed to for long periods.

Paralysis: Great Girros can cause paralysis to the hunter with its spit attack and slam attack. Paralysis causes the hunter to be immobilized for a period of time. The visual indicator of this status effect is the lightning symbols above the hunter’s health bar.


Great Girros is a relatively easy fight, as long as you avoid getting paralyzed. In this fight watch out for these attacks:

*If I missed an attack, let me know in Pit below.

  • Spit (Paralysis) – Range attack. Spits paralysis causing ball at the hunter.
  • Roll – When near its side can do a half roll attack onto hunter.
  • Tailwhip – When behind Great Girros, it can attack the hunter with a tailwhip.
  • Leap – Jumps to the hunter’s location and comes crashing to the ground.
  • Adds – Numerous Girros will fight you during the battle.
  • Lunge – Lunge towards the hunter when near its head.

Fight Tip:

As long as you take care of the adds, I find this fight to be fairly easy to complete. Along with this tip, here are a few others to help you through the fight.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier).
  • Stay Close – Great Girros is one of those fights which is easier if you stay close to the monster. Going hard on the offensive seems to work.
  • Run to the Head when Spitting – When it starts it spit attack run to beside the head to deal some damage and avoid the attack.
  • Kill Adds – Kill the adds if they give you any trouble (horizontal slash is good for this).
  • Exploit Elemental Weakness: As noted above, Great Girros is especially weak to water and ice elemental damage.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community.

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Girros Set (Rarity 3)

Image of the Girros Set on a female hunter

The Girros Set on a female hunter.

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Great Girros Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Mask -2x Scale, 1x Hide, 1x Hood, 3x Girros Scale*
  • Mail – 2x Hide, 1x Tail, 2x Fang, 2x Paralysis Sac
  • Vambraces – 2x Scale, 1x Hide, 2x Fang
  • Coil – 4x Hide, 1x Tail, 1x Hood, 3x Girros Hide*
  • Greaves – 2x Hide, 2x Fang, 2x Scale, 4x Monster Bone M*

Palico: N/A.

Girros α+β Set (Rarity 5)

Girros α+β Armor Requirements:

Human: All materials are Great Girros Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Mask -4x Scale+, 2x Hide+, 1x Hood+, 4x Girros Scale+*
  • Mail – 4x Hide+, 4x Fang+, 3x Omniplegia Sac, 1x Bird Wyvern Gem
  • Vambraces – 4x Scale+, 2x Hide+, 2x Girros Fang*, 2x Omniplegia Sac
  • Coil – 4x Hide+, 2x Tail, 2x Hood+, 4x Girros Hide*
  • Greaves – 2x Hide+, 4x Fang+, 4x Scale+, 5x Warped Bone*

Palico: N/A

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This concludes our Great Girros guide. Wish to add something? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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