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Upon completion of the second missions in the Wastelanders update of Fallout 76 you will unlock a new mission called Strength in Numbers. This mission involves rescuing two of Duchess’s guards. To complete this rescue mission use our Strength in Numbers guide below.

Tune Pip-Boy Radio to Transmitter Signal to Find Clue

Image showing where to search for clues about the missing guards.

When you return upon completing the Hunter for Hire mission Duchess will send you out to find two of her guards that have gone missing. To find the guards you need to tune your Pip-Boy radio to the transmitter signal. To do this open your Pip-Boy and select the Radio tab. Scroll down to Transmitter Signal and tune into it.

With the Transmitter Signal active head to the northeast of The Wayward and explore the circle that appears on your map there. In the circle look for a collection of Scorched Corpses. Search the corpses for the Gauley Mine Production Log.

Search Gauley Mine for Duchess’s Guard

Image showing Polly in Fallout 75.

Once you read the Gauley Mine Production Log you will receive a new objective to search the Gauley Mine for the Duchess’s Guard. The mine can be found to the north of where you searched for the clues. Make your way to the mine and go inside.

In the mine follow the tracks and defeat the enemies that appear. At the bottom of the mine you will run into an NPC called SOL. Speak to SOL and give him a Stimpak (if you have a spare). After healing SOL he will tell you that Polly went deeper into the mine. We will need to go find her.

To find Polly simply head to the right of where you found SOL and enter the stone tunnel there. Go through the tunnel so you arrive in a large mechanical room. Go down to the bottom floor and look for a set of concrete stairs going down. Head down the stairs and follow the rock tunnel into the next room to reach Polly who is sitting on a workbench. Activate Polly to receive the head as a weapon. Upon activating Polly you will need to defeat a number of Scorched that appear in the room. Defeat the Scorched and return to the Duchess with Polly’s head. Place the head into the Moonshine Jug when prompted to get the next objective to find Polly’s Body.

Attach Sol’s Transmitter to a Pristine Assaultron Body

Image showing where to Attach Sol's Transmitter to a Pristine Assaultron Body.

The location of the Assaultron Body for Polly is the Duncan & Duncan’s Robot Shop inside Summersville. Inside this shop speak to the robot called Skinner. Tell Skinner you are a customer and ask for a pristine Assaultron body. Use Strength (4+) or head up the stairs behind the counter to find the Pristine Assaultron Body. Avoid the lasers and place the tracker on the body. Head back to The Wayward once completed and speak to the Duchess. After you speak to the Duchess activate Polly to end the quest and start the next one called The Elusive Crane.

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