Elden Ring Sorcerer Thops Quest Guide

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Sorcerer Thops is an NPC in Elden Ring players will meet as they go through the named area of Liurnia. This NPC is found inside of the Church of Irith. If you speak to this NPC he will ask you to do him a favor which starts his questline. To complete his questline fully use our Elden Ring Sorcerer Thops quest guide below.

Where to Find Sorcerer Thops (Location 1)

You will first meet Thopp at this map location.

Sorcerer Thops can be found in the Church of Irith in Liurnia. He is sitting on a bench near the statue. Speak to him and agree to pay him 10 Runes. After you pay he offers to teach you sorcery. Pick the Talk option to start his questline which is to get him a Glintstone Key. This key would allow him to return to the Raya Lucaria Academy where he once studied.

Where to Find an Extra Glintstone Key

Go through the Raya Lucaria Academy until you unlock the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. Go north from the Site of Grace out into the courtyard. Once outside turn northwest and run up the crumbled ramp. Run up the stairs where the two casters are and turn left and jump over the railing to reach the stairs below.

Image showing the path leading to the Raya Lucaria Academy Imbued Sword Key.

Go up the stairs where the caster is and turn to the left. Jump over the corpse on the railing to reach the rooftop below. On the rooftop run southwest towards the two marionette enemies. Defeat them then climb the ladder here leading up the building.

Run west across the walkway to the caster. Take a right and walk along the narrow path until you reach the corner above the rooftop below. Drop down onto the building below. Drop down again so you are on the lower north roof and then drop down again once more.

From this roof you will see a marionette enemy in front of you and a marionette enemy on your right. Drop down to the lower roof then drop down again and turn right. Defeat the marionette enemy on your right. Turn to the east and drop down onto the ledge below. Follow the ledge around the building and you will find a ladder going down.

Don’t bother with the ladder. Instead jump across to the roof with the marionette enemy on it. Defeat the marionette enemy and turn towards the building. You will find open windows you can go through to reach the building’s rafters. Jump through and stand on the rafters. Look down at the chandelier to find a body. Drop to the body to get the spare Glintstone Key.

Once you have the extra Glintstone Key head back to Sorcerer Thops. Give him the key. If you reset the area he will disappear. Go into the church and you will find a beetle defeat it to get Ash of War: Thops’s Barrier.

Where to Find Sorcerer Thops (Location 2)

Image showing Thops final resting location in Elden Ring.

With the Glintstone Key in hand Thops heads to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Specifically the Schoolhouse Classroom. Go to this Site of Grace. When you are there head out the west door. Take a right then take another quick right so you go around the buildings corner. Here you will find the corpse of Thops. Loot his corpse to get the Thop’s Bell Bearing, Academy Glintstone Staff, and Thops Barrier.

That concludes Sorcerer Thops questline in Elden Ring. Like many quests this one ends on a fairly sad but positive note. Tell me what you thought on this questline in the comments below.

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