Devil May Cry 5 Trophy List

Devil May Cry 5 is out now and that means it’s time to kill some demons and earn some trophies along the way. Below you will find the complete Devil May Cry 5 trophy list.

Devil May Cry 5 Trophies

Devil May Cry 5 Trophy List
There are a total of 49 trophies in Devil May Cry 5.

There are a total of 49 Trophies to earn in Devil May Cry 5. These trophies are as follows:

  • Devil May Cry: Unlock all trophies.
  • Let’s Rock: Complete the game on Human mode.
  • Showtime!: Complete the game on Devil Hunter mode.
  • Doing Daddy Proud: Complete the game on Son of Sparda mode.
  • Dance with the Devil: Complete the game on Dante Must Die mode.
  • Stairway to Heaven: Complete the game on Heaven or Hell mode.
  • Highway to Hell: Complete the game on Hell and Hell mode.
  • Fall from Grace: Complete the Prologue Mission.
  • Protect the People: Defeat all enemies on Mission 01.
  • Where the Red Orbs Grow: Collect Red Orbs from an unexpected spot in Mission 02.
  • Reunion: Clear Mission 03.
  • Backroad: Destroy a certain wall in Mission 04.
  • Break a Leg: Fend off a menace from above in Mission 05.
  • End of the Line: Clear Mission 06.
  • Share the Pain: Clear Mission 07 with both Nero and V.
  • Light in the Darkness: Clear Mission 08.
  • Eagle-Eyed: Destroy a certain wall in Mission 09:
  • This Ain’t Over: Clear Mission 10.
  • The Qliphoth: Clear Mission 12.
  • Each in His Own Way: Clear Mission 13 with Nero, V, and Dante.
  • Gotta Hurry: Clear Mission 14.
  • Slick Moves: Proceed with caution and avoid unneeded damage in Mission 15.
  • Obedience Training: Go on the offensive without relying on brute force in the Mission 16 boss battle.
  • Back to Life: Clear Mission 17.
  • Man on a Mission: Clear Mission 18.
  • Battle for the Ages: Clear Mission 19 and 20 without using continues.
  • Not Too Shabby: Perform a Stylish Rank S Combo.
  • Steppin’ in Style: Perform a Stylish Rank SS combo.
  • Seriously Stylish Slaying: Perform a Stylish Rank SSS combo.
  • Secrets Exposed: Clear all secret missions.
  • The Quick and the Dead: Defeat 5 enemies in 1 second.
  • Well I’ll Be Damned: Wield overwhelming power to exact an unexpected conclusion.
  • Hell of a Hunter: Clear all missions with S rank.
  • Worthy of Legend: Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.
  • I Believe I Can Fly: Rack up a total of 60 minutes in the air by jumping or other means.
  • Nothing’s Impossible: Acquire all of Nero’s skills.
  • Be the Legend: Acquire all of Dante’s skills.
  • Demon Breeder: Acquire all of V’s skills.
  • Physical Perfection: Upgrade your vitality gauge to max.
  • The Devil’s Own: Upgrade your Devil Trigger Gauge to max.
  • A New Job: Accept a new job from Morrison after the Red Grave incident.
  • Jackpot!: Collect more than 1,000,000 Red Orbs total.
  • Demon Destroyer: Defeat 1,000 enemies total.
  • Rearm and Repeat: Collect more than 100 Devil Breakers during missions.
  • Dante the Gambler: Use more than 500,000 Red Orbs total with Dr. Faust.
  • Who Needs Weapons Anyway?: Clear Mission 11 without equipping a weapon set for Dante.
  • Unarmed and Dangerous: Beat Mission 07 without any starting Devil Breakers equipped.
  • Pet Protection: Clear Mission 05 without V’s demons getting stalemated.

That’s all the Trophies in Devil May Cry 5 currently. Good luck on your hunt!

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