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In Destroy All Humans you will invade various locations across the United States of America. In these locations you will be tasked with completing specific missions. There are a number of missions to complete to finish the main story-line of the game. To help you track your progress and see how much is left in your game consult our Destroy All Humans (2020) missions list below.

How Many Missions Are in Destroy All Humans (2020)

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To complete the main story in Destroy All Humans (2020) you will have to finish a total of 22 Missions split across the six locations found in the game. These missions are the main missions of each level which are not to be confused with the bonus objectives. Simply complete the main objectives in each of the missions below to finish the game:

Turnipseed Farm Missions

1. Destination Earth.

Rockwell Missions

2. Earth Women are Delicious.

3. Citizen Crypto.

8. Teenage Zombies From Outer Space.

Santa Modesta Missions

4. Alien Pool Party.

5. Televisions of Doom.

6. Alien Stole My Brain Stem.

7. The Island Suburbia.

9. South By Southwest.

10. Foreign Correspondent.

11. Suburb of the Damned.

15. It’s A Wonderful Armageddon.

Area 42 Missions

12. Whatever Happened to Crypto 136.

13. The Mutant Menace.

13.5. The Wrong Stuff.

14. Duck and Cover.

Union Town Missions

16. Furon Down.

18. Armquist VS. Furons.

Capitol City Missions

17. Mr. Crypto Goes to Capitol City.

19. The Lone Gunman.

20. The Furon Filibuster.

21. Shocking Developments.

22. Attack of the 50-Foot President.

Upon completion of Mission 22: Attack of the 50-Foot President you will have completed the game. Credits will roll after this mission, but you are able to go back and grab any collectibles and mission objectives you may have missed.

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