Destiny 2: Vex Scanner Locations in Nexus

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There is an Augment quest players can complete in Destiny 2 Beyond Light that tasks players with finding and destroying Scanner Vex in Nexus. These drones are fly around specific objects in the Nexus and scan them. To complete the augment quest you must destroy all of the Vex Scanner drones and then activate a nearby terminal. To help you complete this task use our Vex Scanner locations guide below.

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Vex Scanner Locations Map

Image showing the Vex Scanner Locations map for Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

All of the Vex Scanners you need to destroy can be found in the Nexus area on Europa. This area is accessible by traveling through the ruins on the east side of the Asterion Abyss. Once you are in this area you will find the Vex Scanners at the three locations marked on the map above. For more information on each location read the descriptions below.

Vex Scanner Location 1

Image showing the location of the first cluster of Vex Scanners in Nexus.

The first location for the cluster of Vex Scanners is located on the right-side of the Nexus. This location is where you fight the first Wyvern during the Warrior hunt. When you reach the ridge you will see these little drones flying around the pillar. Shoot them all then interact with the terminal at the base of the structure they are scanning.

Vex Scanner Location 2

Image showing the location of the second Vex Scanners in Nexus.

Once you’ve collected Vex Scanner 1 turn around and head the other way into the other side of the Nexus area. Cross the platforms until you reach a section of Vex structure on your right. At the base of this structure you will find a cluster of four drones. Destroy them all then use the terminal along the edge that becomes active (will be highlighted with a quest marker).

Vex Scanner Location 3

Continue heading north from Vex Scanner 2 to find the next cluster of Vex Scanners. This cluster is up on the hill near the top of the Vex structure. Take out these four Vex Scanners and again use the terminal that becomes active.

That’s all you need to know to find all of the Vex Scanners in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. These drones must all be destroyed for you to complete the Augment quest.

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