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The Guardian Games are currently underway in Destiny 2 and with it comes a number of new challenges and rewards to complete. Week one’s challenge can be completed to earn an exotic shell for your specific Guardian class. To help you complete this exotic quest use our On Your Laurels guide below.

How to Start On Your Laurels

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To start the On Your Laurels exotic challenge you will want to complete the opening quest called the Guardian Games. Once this quest is complete you can speak to Eva to receive the On Your Laurels – A Classy Challenge. This challenge tasks you with collecting Laurels by getting final blows on enemies using supers, grenades, and charged melee abilities.

How to Get Laurels

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You can earn Laurels by defeating enemies with final blows from supers, grenades, and charged melee attacks. These items drop off the enemies when you kill them as described above. If you hang around other Guardians that defeat enemies as described above they will drop Laurels you can pick up. So if you are a Hunter and Titans around you are getting final blows you can pick up Titan Laurels. The colors for each type of Laurel are as follows:

  • Hunter = Blue.
  • Warlock = Gold.
  • Titan = Red.

If you have friends getting this challenge completed is fairly easy since you can work together to collect Laurels. If you play solo it is a bit harder, but I would recommend specing into melee specific builds and running things like Public Events and Lost Sectors. During these activities focus on getting final blows using a mix of Melee, Grenade, and Super kills. Be sure to pick up the Laurels that drop. To complete the challenge you will need to collect a total of ~400 Class specific Laurels. Once you have all 400 return to Eva on the Tower.

Receiving A Classy Reward Exotic Ghost Shell

Image showing the three exotic ghosts from the Guardian Games.

Once you’ve gathered enough Laurels you can return to Eva on the Tower to receive your reward. For collecting the required Laurels you may choose from the following Exotic Ghost Shells:

  • Titan Shell.
  • Warlock Shell.
  • Hunter Shell.

All three of the shells have different visual looks, but contain the same Intrinsic Perks of Guiding Light and Speed Demon. Guiding Light allows you to earn more XP and Speed Demon summons your vehicle more quickly and reloads your weapon while you ride.

That’s all you need to know to complete the On Your Laurels challenge. This is the first of what appears to be weekly challenges that are a part of the Guardian Games. If you wish to get the other Exotic Shells you will want to complete this challenge on your other characters.

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