Destiny 2 Growth Guide – How to Get the Ruinous Effigy Trace Rifle

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In the Season of Arrival in Destiny 2 there are a number of season specific quests players can complete. One of these quests is called Growth. This quest involves Eris and is given to players from the Prismatic Recaster. To help you complete this quest use our Destiny 2 Growth guide below.

How to Start the Growth Quest

Image showing how to start the Growth quest in Destiny 2.

After the 2.9.1 Update in Destiny 2 players were met with a screen saying to visit the Primsatic Recaster to help Eris. To start the Growth mission visit the Prismatic Recaster in the Annex section of the Tower. When you speak to the Prismatic Recaster you will get the Means to an End and Growth quests. The first step in the Growth quest is to complete the Interference mission on Io. Before you can do this quest you will first need to complete the Means to an End weekly quest you received. Complete the Means to an End weekly mission now.

Complete Interference Mission

Image showing accepting the Gift at the end of the Interference mission in Destiny 2.

Once you’ve completed the Means to and End weekly quest you will unlock the ability to complete the Interference mission. The Interference mission can be found on the planet of Io. If you’ve been season 11 up to this point you will know the drill with the Interference mission. All you need to do is make your way to the end of the mission so you battle Savathun at the end. Once you defeat Savathun you will interact with Eris Morn inside a tree. During this interaction Zavala will appear and after a brief conversation you will be able to accept the gift. Do this to get the next quest objective called Pendulum.

How to Complete the Pendulum Quest Step

The Pendulum quest objective consists of two parts: collect 25 Calcified Light and defeat 15 Savathun’s Marionettes. The Calcified Light Fragments can be found on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury while using the Ghost’s Nav mode. The Savathun’s Marionettes can be found on Io and Titan.

Where to find Calcified Light

Image showing the Calcified Light Fragment in Destiny 2.

Calcified Light Fragments are small crystals you will find in the over worlds of the four planets listed above. When you use your Ghost’s Nav mode they will appear on your Hud as markers with distances attached to them. To collect a Calcified Light Fragment you need to interact with it when found. Note the Calcified Light are spread out among the four planets noted above as follows:

  • Io – 10 Calcified Light Fragments.
  • Titan – 5 Calcified Light Fragments.
  • Mars – 5 Calcified Light Fragments.
  • Mercury – 5 Calcified Light Fragments.

For an exact location of these collectibles check out this video by Ninja Pups which shows you all 25 Calcified Light locations.

Where to Find The Savathun’s Marionettes

Image showing a Savuthun's Marionette in Destiny 2.

The Savathun’s Marionettes are special champions that appear in the overworld of Io and Titan. When these enemies are about to appear you will see a text in the bottom left of your screen that says Taken are arriving. This text means Taken are nearby. When you engage the Taken you find you will often have to take out a collection of enemies until the Savathun’s Marionette enemy spawns in.

Upon completion of the above quest steps you will unlock the next quest step for Growth which is called Feed. This step focuses on the multiplayer side of Destiny 2 so be ready to play some Gambit or Reckoning.

How to complete the Feed Quest Step

To complete the Feed step in the Gift quest you need to complete some PvPvE matches. The quest step has the following requirements for you to complete:

  • Complete Gambit or Reckoning Matches.
  • Void Kills.
  • Precision Multiklls.

While completing the above mentioned steps you will want to try to complete them together. This means running your Gambit or Reckoning matches with a void build that can deal precision damage. With that said if you complete the Gambit portion and don’t feel like continuing in that game mode you can jump into other activities to complete the other steps.

Once you do finish all three steps listed above you will receive the Shape Exotic Engram. Take the Shape to the Umbral Decoder on the Tower to get the Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle.

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