Destiny 2: Eververse Weekly Offerings – December 10

In Destiny 2 players can purchase a number of cosmetic items through the Eververse store at the Tower. These items provide no game impacting bonuses, but allow you to take your customization options to the next level. To help you know what’s currently in the shop, check out our Eververse Weekly Offerings list below.

Note: the Eververse Weekly Offerings update on Tuesdays at 9 AM PST.

Eververse Weekly Offerings (December 10)

Image showing the Eververse items for December 10.

For sale for the week of December 10 – December 17 are a number of items. These items can be purchased using the game’s currencies of Silver and Bright Dust. Silver is mainly acquired by paying real world money while Bright Dust can be earned. You can buy Silver in increments of 500/1000/2000/3000/4000/5000. With this Silver you can buy the following items:

Silver Items

  • Season of Dawn Finishers Bundle (2100 Silver): Contains 3 Season of Dawn multi-class finishers.
  • Abyssal Scream (700 Silver): Exotic Weapon Ornament for Tractor Cannon.
  • Ash Angel (800 Silver): Exotic Vehicle.
  • Traitor Primus Shell (800 Silver): Exotic Ghost Shell.
  • Box of Tricks (200 Silver): Legendary Transmat Effect.
  • Fond Memories Engram (200/500/800 Silver): Contains different Ornaments, Emotes, and Accessories from previous Destiny 2 releases.

Featured Bright Dust Items

  • Concentrated Mattergem (200 Bright Dust): Consumable that raises the chance of an Upgrade Module drop from Bosses when defeated.
  • Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard (150 Bright Dust): Consumable that can be used during a Strike to unlock an Eververse gift for all players in activity.
  • Gleaming Boon of the Crucible (500 Bright Dust): Consumable that can be used during a Strike to unlock an Eververse gift for all players in activity.
  • Iridescent Coral (40 Bright Dust): Legendary Shader.
  • Blind Clutch (450 Bright Dust): Legendary Transmat Effect.
  • Scarlet Swarm Shell (2,850 Bright Dust): Exotic Ghost Shell.
  • Ding (700 Bright Dust): Legendary Emote.

Bright Dust Items

Image showing the Bright Dust items for sale in Destiny 2 on December 10.

The items shown above can be found under the Bright Dust tab in the Eververse stores. These items are purchased using the Bright Dust currency. Like the featured items these items switch out weekly.

  • Give Dap (1,250 Bright Dust): Legendary Emote.
  • Four Degrees of Seperation (2,500 Bright Dust): Exotic Vehicle.
  • Refashioned Shapes (2,000 Bright Dust): Exotic Ship.
  • Painted Eye Shell (400 Bright Dust): Legendary Ghost Shell.
  • Sky/Perdition (1250 Bright Dust): Weapon Ornament for Divinity.
  • Great White (700 Bright Dust): Legendary Weapon Ornament for Hammerhead.
  • Aeronautics of China Projection (1,500 Bright Dust): Legendary Ghost Projection.
  • Oiled Gunmetal (40 Bright Dust): Legendary Shader.
  • Polished Sea Stone (40 Bright Dust): Legendary Shader.
  • Harpy’s Cry (450 Bright Dust): Legendary Transmat Effect.
  • Nightmare Emergence (450 Bright Dust): Legendary Transmat Effect.
  • Taken Arrival (450 Bright Dust): Legendary Transmat Effect.

Every week I will update this page when the store refreshes. Check back on this page often for new Eververse deals.

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    You are missing a whole tab of items. The fourth tab. The ball or blob one. You’ve been missing it every week. It’s driving me nuts because you come up first on a Google search, yet you never have the info I want.

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