Dark Souls 3: 5 Things to do before NG+

Dark Soul 3 is here and it is glorious. If you are like me, you’ve been nerding out and have beaten new game. Having finished, you are probably itching to jump back in for another play-through, maybe this time as a Havel strength build, or pyromancer. I am here to set you up for that second play-through. After beating the last boss, players are given a choice to start NG+ or continue to run around through the new game world. I recommend picking the latter as it will allow you to do a few last minute things. The following is a list of 5 things to do in order to start your NG+ run off right.

1.Farm for Items/Gear/Weapons

Having access to all bonfires makes farming for things incredibly easy. See an enemy with a weapon you want? Farm them. While what you farm for is largely up to you, I highly recommend spending at least a bit of time getting a nice pile of Embers. Embers can be dropped by red-eyed enemies (I like farming the knight by the Dragon Barracks bonfire), through helping people in their own games reach boss gates, or invading.

Dark Souls 3

Why hello


Dark Souls 3

Red eyed, but can still be killed

2. Respec Character

The respec system has had a bit of an overhaul since Dark Souls 2. Acquiring the ability to respec requires having access to The Cathedral of the Deep area and an NPC named Rosaria. As this is a bit of a ways into the game, it is best to change your build prior to new game+ if you want to play a new style. The service requires offering one Pale Tongue, which you should have received simply playing through the game.  It is important to note that you only get 5 respecs throughout a characters lifetime, so use these wisely. Another service Rosaria offers is altering a characters appearance, so make any changes here if you so desire.

Dark Souls 3

Slug lady hype


Dark Souls 3

Only three remain…

3. Upgrade as Many Weapons as Possible

Dark Souls 3 does a good job of handing the player ample amounts of upgrade material. If you have finally reached the end, use these materials to upgrade as many weapons as you can before NG+. To do this simply go to Andre with a handful of souls and get to upgrading. As I am going into a strength build for NG+, I spent most of my materials on getting weapons like the Fume Greatsword and the Butcher Knife to +9. Material respawns each new play-through, so don’t worry about using titanite slabs or other materials.

Dark Souls 3

Andre on that anvil

4. Covenants, Covenants and more Covenants.

Do as many covenants as possible. For one there is ample amount of people in NG, so finding people to help or hinder should be simple. The other reason is that each covenant provides interesting and unique items upon completion and will help you be that much stronger in NG+.

Dark Souls 3

Red phantom is here



all this loot

5. Kill All NPCs

The Dark Souls series has always allowed players to kill any npc they come across. While usually not beneficial to do so mid game, at end game killing npcs gives players the ability to loot unique items from each character. I highly recommend that this be the last thing you do before going to NG+, but that’s up to you. Do not worry about killing, as each character returns in the next play-through as if nothing happened.


You die now



Now dead

And there you have it, 5 things to do in order to make NG+ a bit more manageable. Good luck out there Unkindled Ash. If you want more Dark Souls 3 content, check out my top 5 bosses here.

Bonus: Play the Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Where do these roots go in Ashes of Ariandel?


Dark Souls 3 received the first of 2 planned DLC, Ashes of Ariandel. This DLC can be accessed within the Cleansing Chapel. If you have finished the game, but have not played the DLC, consider doing it before NG+. There are a few new items to collect, as well as new bosses to fight.

Bonus 2: Play The Ringed City DLC

Angel from The Ringed City

The second and final DLC of Dark Souls 3 is the Ringed City. You should totally play it! This is easily the best DLC in my honest opinion and is a must play if you love the Dark Souls series. The Ringed City wraps up a ton of loose ends and is an awesome send off for the series. If you want to access the DLC, you’ll need to find the DLC entrance.

Did this Dark Souls 3 NG+ list help you? Let me know in the pit below.


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  1. Craig says:

    How do I start a NG+ after completing both DLC’s I cannot access NG+ From the Bonfire?

  2. Quoub says:

    The Covenants don’t really matter. NG+ players can connect to NG players at any point in Dark Souls 3. The only thing holding players back is weapon level and soul level.

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