Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez Grave Location

The memorials of David and Gloria in the Night City Columbarium.

In the Cyberpunk Edgerunners animated series, the narrative centers around the character David Martinez. His journey is marked by significant events, yet tragically, he doesn’t make it to the end. As a tribute to this character, CD Projekt Red has incorporated a unique location in Cyberpunk 2077: David Martinez’s grave. This guide will help you discover the precise location of this memorial site in the game.

Where to Find the David Martinez Memorial in Cyberpunk 2077

The Night City Columbarium map location.
David’s memorial is at the Night City Columbarium.

To find the David Martinez memorial in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll need to make your way to the Night City Columbarium, situated in the North Oak area of Westbrook. If you’ve previously visited this location, you can conveniently utilize the fast travel feature to reach it quickly. However, if you haven’t been there before, you’ll need to make the journey on foot, by running, or by driving.

David and Gloria’s Memorials in the Columbarium

Upon reaching the Columbarium, your next step is to locate the memorial itself. To do this, enter the Columbarium and follow the central northeastern path until you reach the interior of the building. Proceed to the far end of the building and direct your gaze to the right. Here, you will discover both David’s and his mother, Gloria’s memorials.

The text on David’s memorial reads:

“You didn’t take me to the moon, but you were there with me.”

Meanwhile, the inscription on Gloria’s memorial states:

“You were right. David reached the top of Arasaka Tower.”

This is just one of a few interesting tributes the CD Projekt Red has added to Cyberpunk 2077. Players wanting more David content can track down David’s Jacket by completing a special side quest. Additionally there is a touching tribute to the late Ken Block that allows players to get his Hoonicorn car and a way to get Rebecca’s shotgun.

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