Counter-Strike 2 Release Date Window Revealed

Counter Strike 2 Limited Test art.

Today Valve, out of nowhere, decided to reveal the long rumored Counter-Strike 2. This reveal occurred on Twitter and featured footage of the game along with some interesting details regarding the sequel. One of the most interesting details is that the Counter-Strike 2 release date window has been confirmed and it is fast approaching.

When will Counter-Strike 2 Release

An exact release date has yet to be revealed, but what we do have is a release window. Counter-Strike 2 will release on PC in the Summer of 2023. This means the game’s official release date is only a few months away, which is much sooner than many expected.

Ahead of the official release Valve is holding a Limited Test experience . This experience is somewhat of an early access launch of the title. Fans in good Steam standing may be invited to participate in the Limited Test of the game before it officially releases to the general public. Rolling invitations will begin today and will continue as we move closer to the full release.

Counter-Strike 2 runs on Source Engine 2. By using this new engine Valve is able to drastically improve the gameplay experience. One of the more touted changes is to smoke. CS2 contains a new responsive smoke mechanic that causes smoke to interact more naturally to its environment. Valve has also upgraded and overhauled many of the maps from the original Counter-Strike title to look and play better.

Valve also went out of its way to mention what will happen to player’s skins. Those with large collections can breath a sigh of relief as items from Counter-Strike will be usable in Counter-Strike 2. The skins will see noticeable visual improvements thanks to the new engine.

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