Cyberpunk 2077 Burning Desire Guide (Jesse Cox Mission)

Jesse Cox character in Jesse Johnson in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers players a plethora of engaging side missions, some of which prominently include real-world personalities such as streamers and YouTubers. Among these side missions, one of the earliest ones introduces players to a streamer/YouTuber named Jesse Cox. For comprehensive details on the Jesse Cox mission, be sure to explore our dedicated ‘Burning Desire‘ guide below.

Where to Start the Jesse Cox Mission

Map location of the Burning Desire side quest.
Go to this location on your map to encounter Jesse Cox.

The Jesse Cox mission is located in Little China, a part of Night City’s Watson district. To trigger this side mission, head to the marked location indicated on the map in the screenshot above. As you approach this spot, a side mission marker will become visible, and you’ll hear the anguished cries of a man in distress. This man, brought to life by Jesse Cox, is aptly named Jesse. Approach and speak to him to kickstart the mission.

Take Jesse to a Ripperdoc

Driving the distressed man to a Ripperdoc.
To complete this mission drive Jesse to a Ripperdoc. Watch out for children.

The Jesse Cox side mission follows a relatively straightforward premise. Jesse has a problematic implant located in a rather sensitive area that has been subject to a factory recall. This implant is causing him a considerable amount of discomfort. To assist Jesse, your task is to transport him to a Ripperdoc for medical attention.

Slide behind the wheel and steer the vehicle, transporting Jesse directly to the Ripperdoc whose location your map conveniently pinpoints for easy navigation. As you progress, anticipate encountering various obstacles like children crossing the road and a police barricade. Your objective: skillfully navigate through these hindrances, guaranteeing a seamless and uninterrupted journey to reach the Ripperdoc.

Wait for Jesse to Call

After you’ve safely transported Jesse to the Ripperdoc, you’ll need to bide your time while he undergoes the surgery. To pass the time, wait, or engage in various activities within the game. Once the successful completion of Jesse’s operation occurs, he will personally contact you to provide the details.. This marks the conclusion of the mission, and as a reward for your assistance, you’ll receive a cash reward.

This mission involving Jesse Cox is just one of several instances where streamers and celebrities make appearances in the game. If you’re curious about other intriguing cameos, you can check out the comprehensive cameos list we’ve put together.

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