Borderlands 3: Jack’s Secret Crew Challenges Guide

Once you’ve gathered everyone for the heist you will access an area called Jack’s Secret. In this area you need to destroy a power cable that is powering the mega-turrets in The Spendopticon. While doing this mission you may want to complete the Crew Challenges for this area. Use the Jack’s Secret Crew Challenges guide to make your life a little bit easier.

Jack’s Secret Crew Challenges Locations Map

There are two Crew Challenges for players to complete in the Jack’s Secret area. The map above shows the locations of both of the Crew Challenges. If you need more information on both items, continue reading below.

Torgue’s Marketing Mistake Location: On Top of Pipe

Image showing the Jack's Secret Torgue's Marketing Mistake in Borderlands 3.

The Mr. Torgue hot sauce can be found near the start of the level on top of a pipe with pink sludge running through it. This bottle is simple to collect as all you need to do is shoot it. Once you’ve done this you will have collected the bottle and completed the Crew Challenge.

Pieces of Resistance Location: On Conveyor Belt

Image showing the

You will find the Pieces of Resistance located at the end of a conveyor that feeds into a pit of lava. To reach this statue you need to make the long jump from the metal sheet on the raised platform above. Once on the conveyor belt blow up the statue to complete this Crew Challenge.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Two Jack’s Secret Crew Challenges in Borderlands 3. You need to complete these Crew Challenges if you are looking to 100% this area.

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