Borderlands 3: Crater’s Edge Crew Challenges Guide

The final zone you will reach in the Borderlands 3 DLC, Bounty of Blood, is called Crater’s Edge. This zone is access through the Blaistplains and must be traversed in order to reach this final boss of the main story. As you traverse this zone keep in mind there is 1 Crew Challenge you can complete. To help you find this collectible use our Crater’s Edge Crew Challenges guide.

Important: Crater’s Edge is accessible after completing the story missions up to Riding to Ruin. Until then it is locked off.

Crater’s Edge Crew Challenges Location Map & Text Guide

Image showing a map of the locations of the Good Prospects map and treasure locations for the Crater's Edge zone of Borderlands 3.

There is only one Crew Challenge to find in the Crater’s Edge zone of the Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3. This Crew Challenge is the Good Prospects which requires you to find a map then find some treasure. The map above shows you the location of both the map and the treasure. There is a text guide below as well.

Crater’s Edge Good Prospects Location

Ride the train and venture into the Crater’s Edge zone until you reach the first jump pad on a ledge above. Instead of going up to the pad follow the main ledge around to the left to find the prospector map. Once this map is read a marker will appear on your map for the treasure.

To find the treasure all you need to do is head forward through the first burnt out house. After you’ve taken the portal at the end of it you will appear in front of another burnt out house. Enter the left room with the crates piled up in it. Jump over the crates and ride the jump pad into the attic to find the treasure chest.

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