Borderlands 3: Carnivora Crew Challenges Guide

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Once you’ve procured the Golden Technical, you will gain access to an area called Carnivora. This area features a total of four Crew Challenges for players to complete. To help you complete these challenges, use the Carnivora Crew Challenges guide below.

Carnivora Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing the Carnivora Crew Challenges Locations Map.

The Carnivora zone features four total Crew Challenges for players to complete. These Crew Challenges have been marked on the map above. Use it to find each location easily.

Typhon Log #1: The Stacked Deck

Image showing the Typhon Log #1 The Stacked Deck location.

Enter Carnivora and make your way to the area called The Stacked Deck. As soon as you reach The Stacked Deck take a right and walk along the walkway to reach the log.

Dead Claptrap: The Stacked Deck

Image showing the Dead Claptrap: The Stacked Deck location.

From Typhon Log #1 make your way down into The Stacked Deck. Look along the south side of the area for a red light in a room. Go into this room and drop down into the room below. Here you will find the Dead Claptrap.

Typhon Log #2: La Cage o’ Twinks

Image showing the Typhon Log #2 La Cage o' Twinks location.

Make you way through Carnivora to the area called La Cage o’ Twinks. On the northside of this club you will find the log on top of the houses there.

Crimson Radio: Carnivora’s Playground

Image showing the Crimson Radio location on Carnivora.

When you enter the area you will notice the Crimson Radio is located on your right. Wait for the cutscene to end then head through the gate. Take a right and walk around to the open shipping container to reach the computer.

Typhon Log #3: Azlon’s Stash

Image showing the Typhon Log #3 Azlon's Stash location.

Once you reach the area where you chase Carnivora around, drive to the northwest corner to find Azlon’s Stash. In this small cave you will find the final log.

Typhon Dead Drop: Carnivora’s Playground

Image showing the Typhon Dead Drop Carnivora's Playground.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Once you’ve gathered all of the Typhon Logs in this area return near the entrance of Carnivora’s Playground to find the Red Chest next to a water tower.

Guts of Carnivora Crew Challenge Location

Image showing the Guts of Carnivora Crew Challenge Location.

When you stop the Carnivora, you will enter it, accessing a Zone called Guts of Carnivora. In this zone there is a single Crew Challenge to find a Dead Claptrap.

Dead Claptrap: Windshaken Catwalks

Image showing the Dead Claptrap Windswept Catwalks location.

Just before the the Max’s Head Room in the Windswept Catwalks you will run into the Dead Claptrap. It is sitting on a conveyor belt.

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