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The third piece of DLC content for Borderlands 3 is the western themed Bounty of Blood. This DLC expansion takes players to the planet of Gehanna where they will take part in a new storyline. Like other expansions in Borderlands 3 there are a mix of main missions and side missions to complete. To help you keep track of what missions there are use our Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood missions list below.

Bounty of Blood Main and Side Missions List

There are a total of 16 missions to complete in the Bounty of Blood DLC. These missions are divided up between 5 main missions and 11 side missions. The main missions and side missions in this DLC are:

Main Missions (5 Story Missions)

  1. Blood From A Stone.
  2. The Name of the Law.
  3. Off the Rails.
  4. Where It All Started.
  5. Riding to Ruin.

Side Missions (11 Side Missions)

  1. The Quick and the Quicker (Vestige).
  2. Miracle Elixir Fixer (The Blastplains).
  3. Devil Rustlers (The Blastplains).
  4. Saurdew Valley (The Blastplains).
  5. Money Back Guarantee (The Blastplains).
  6. Dirty Deeds (Ashfall Peaks).
  7. The Legend of McSmugger (Ashfall Peaks).
  8. Lost and Found (Obsidian Forest).
  9. Of Blood and Beans (Obsidian Forest).
  10. The Meatman Prophecy (Bloodsun Canyon).
  11. The Dandy and Damsel (Bloodsun Canyon).

A lot of the side missions in Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood will cause NPCs to move to Vestige. This doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of gameplay, but it does make the town feel a bit more alive. If you completed all of the above mentioned missions and want more check out the Crew Challenges for each new zone.

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