Borderlands 3: Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges Guide

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The second to last area you will visit on Gehanna is the Bloodsun Canyon. In this area you will need to attempt to stop Rose from detonating a bomb. While you are doing this been on the lookout for the 9 Crew Challenges available to complete. To help you spot them all here’s our Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges guide for Borderlands 3.

Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges Map Locations & Guide

Image showing a map of the Crew Challenge locations in the Bloodsun Canyon zone of the Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood DLC.

There are a total of 9 Crew Challenges to find in the Bloodsun Canyon area of Gehanna. These Crew Challenges are spread across the map with some being easy to find while others are more hidden. The Crew Challenges in this area are:

  • Creature Feature.
  • 3x Gehanna’s Most Wanted.
  • Good Prospects.
  • 2x Sato’s Saga.
  • Sato’s Cache.
  • Skin to Win.

The map above highlights the locations of each of the Crew Challenges for this area. If you want more context to completing each challenge check out our text guide below.

Skin to Win Location: Minosaur

The first Crew Challenge you can complete is located northeast of the main path near the drop pod spawn. When you enter this area you will need to fight the Minosaur.

Sato’s Saga #1 Location

Make your way deeper into the level until you need to enter a bunker. On top of this bunker you will find the first Sato’s Saga. To reach the top of the bunker climb the container on the east side of the building.

Creature Feature

While the Creature Feature is technically next you can’t reach this room until you head deeper into the level. Ignore for now, but access this room via the portal in the hallway marked on the map above. When you go through the portal you will end up in a board room with the film reel on the center desk.

Gehanna’s Most Wanted #1 Location: Jerrick Logan

Before the room you take the elevator down to the floor below you can head to the west to reach the first Gehanna’s Most Wanted that features the enemy named Jerrick Logan. Defeat this enemy to complete the Crew Challenge.

Sato’s Saga #2 Location

Ride down the elevator in the Investor Presentation Room to the floor below. Get off onto the platform there and jump over the railings so you are below it. In this area beneath the platform you will find the second Sato’s Saga.

Sato’s Cache Location

After you’ve collected both of the Sato Sagas you will unlock the Sato’s Cache and it will become marked on your map. Make your way to the location marked above. Here you will need to complete a little puzzle to get the door open. Here’s what to do:

  1. Melee crystal towards breakable wall on ledge above to reveal a small room.
  2. Get a better vantage point now open room.
  3. Shoot power box in room.
  4. Head upstairs to now open door to get the cache.

Gehanna’s Most Wanted #2 Location: Dickon Goyle

To the south of where you star the The Dandy and Damsel side mission you will find the location of the Dickon Goyle Gehanna Most Wanted. Defeat Dickon Goyle here to get this Crew Challenge.

Good Prospects Location

To get the Good Prospects treasure you need to go through a portal located in the large room with the treasure. This portal can be found in the northwest corner of the room. In the northwest corner look for three bombs and drop down by them so you land on a ledge leading into a room. Inside this room there is a switch you need to push to open a door reveling the portal that leads to the treasure.

Gehanna’s Most Wanted #3 Location: Caber Dowd

The final Crew Challenge for the Bloodsun Canyon area can be found on a section to the east that is only accessible via a portal. To find this portal head to the portal 3 location and melee the crystals blocking your path there. Go through the now revealed portal to reach Caber Dowd.

That complete our look at how to 100% the Crew Challenges for the Bloodsun Canyon zone of Gehanna. After this zone there is only one left called Crater’s Edge which only has a single Crew Challenge to complete. If you need more help with other Crew Challenges check out Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges hub.

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