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In the Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3 there are a number of activities for players to complete to 100% the planet of Gehanna. The bulk of Gehanna’s completion percentage comes from completing missions and crew challlenges, but a few percentage points are earned by finding the different zone’s Red Chests. Red Chests are hidden chests for players to find and open that feature loot of various varieties. To help you find all the Red Chests in the Bounty of Blood DLC use our all Gehanna Red Chest locations guide below.

Locations of All Red Chest’s in Gehanna Zones

There are a total of 9 Red Chests for players to find on Gehanna in the Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3. These Red Chests are split up across the zones as follows:

The Blastplains: 1 Red Chest.

  • Amplecore Wells.

Ashfall Peaks: 3 Red Chests

  • Hailhero Pass.
  • The Devil’s Greatroom.
  • Rose’s Private Alcove.

Obsidian Forest: 3 Red Chests

  • 2x Crone’s Contentment.
  • The Shrapnel.

Bloodsun Canyon: 2 Red Chests

  • Investor Presentation Room.
  • Materials Transport.

I’ve put the areas of the zones where you will find the Red Chests. If you want the exact locations you should check out the video embedded above by YouTuber WoW Quests that shows you the exact locations of each of the Red Chests listed above.

Opening each of the chests listed above is needed to reach 100% completion for each zone on Gehanna. To reach the full planet completion you will need to find 42 Locations, 14 Fast Travel Locations, 9 Red Chests, and 45 Crew Challenges. Do this will net you 100% for the DLC.

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