Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Lindsay Demons List

In Bloodstained Ritual of the Night there are a number of side quests for players to complete. One set of quests comes from a woman named Lindsay who can be found on the right platform inside the main hub area in Arvantville. Lindsay asks you to defeat certain enemies in honor of perished citizens of the town. To help you here is our Lindsay demons list.

Who is Lindsay?

Image showing the NPC Lindsay.

Lindsay is the woman that stands on the right middle platform in the central area of the Arvantville hub. When you speak to Lindsay she will have a number of contracts available that requests you kill certain demons. In order to start a contract you need to activate it through Lindsay. Here are all the demons Lindsay wants you to kill:

  1. Husband: Kill 5x Morte to get 3x Rings.
  2. Rosaly: Kill 3x Dullahammer to get 3x Uni Rice Bowl.
  3. Anette: Kill 4x Gieremund to get 5x Hemp.
  4. Lisa: Kill 2x Sabnock to get Brigandine.
  5. Simon: Kill 4x Barbatos to get 5x Obsidian.
  6. Porter: Kill 4x Demon to get 5x Steel.
  7. Dan: Kill 3x Wolfman to get Hair Apparent III.
  8. Edward: Kill 5x Shield Outsider to get 3x Silver.
  9. Shawn: Kill 4x Assassin to get Cutpurse’s Ring.
  10. Dario: Kill 6x Ocypete to get 5x Heavy Cream.
  11. Trevor: Kill 5x Axe Outsider to get 3x Damascus.
  12. Martha: Kill 8x Deeseama to get Speed Belt.
  13. Mathius: Kill 6x Archdemon to get 2x Platinum.
  14. Soleiyu: Kill 4x Living Fossil to get 2x Crystal.
  15. Carl: Kill 6x Lamashtu to get Diamond.
  16. Mitta: Kill 13x Gusion to get Crimsonite.
  17. Juste: Kill Millionaire Bane to get Gold Power Ring.
  18. Richter: Kill Revenant to get Bandit Blade.
  19. Sypha: Kill 6x Demon Lord to get Bixbite.

That concludes all the demon hunts that Lindsay request you go on. The final item you receive from the hunts is the Bixbite. This items is used to make certain items by Johannes.

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