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Destiny 2: The Dawning Guide

Eva Levante is back at the Tower for the newest seasonal event in Destiny 2. This new event is called The Dawning. Like other seasonal events The Dawning is available for roughly a month before it stops running (12/17 –...

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Destiny 2: Obelisk Sundial Link Rewards

In Season 9 of Destiny 2 there is a new gameplay addition called obelisks which can be found on different planets across the system. These obelisks can be repaired by completing specific activities on the planet. Once you’ve opened an...

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Destiny 2: How to Unlock the EDZ Obelisk

In Season 9 of Destiny 2 there is a new addition of obelisks on various planets for players to unlock. These obelisks are tied to the Sundial and dictate the rewards you can earn at the end of that arena...