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The death of Barid starts a new main story DLC quest called The Wages of War. Due to the unfortunate passing of Barid Eivor is now forced to help both Flann and Sichfrith. To help you complete this mission use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Wages of War guide below.

Speak to Sichfrith

From Barid’s grave make your way back to Dublin and go into the longhouse there. Inside the longhouse there is a cutscene that will trigger. This cutscene features Sichfrith, Eivor , and Azar. During this cutscene you will learn about a new member of the Children of Danu called The Seed. You need to find and defeat this enemy to advance the story.

Find and Kill The Seed

This target is a bit different from the previous two we’ve hunted up to this point. You need to find the clues related to this enemy to mark their location on your map. One of the clues comes from a The Deer that is another target. The clues are located in the following areas:

  1. Received from eliminating The Cursed.
  2. Inside Movilla Abbey in Ulster on a bench.
  3. Received from defeating The Deer.

If you grab both of the clues listed above the location of The Seed will be revealed through the Order of Members/Children of Danu screen. This location is at Dunseverick Fortress in the Ulster region of the map. If you don’t want to grab the clues simply go to the location I’ve highlighted on the map above. Killing The seed gets you an Amber Shard and a clue. This clue leads to the Children of Danu target named The Oak and ends the mission. The next mission to complete is A Scourging of Snakes.

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