Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rathdown Build Up Guide

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Once you’ve dealt with Thorstein you will get a new mission called Rathdown Build Up. This new mission introduces you to the Ireland game mechanic the revolves around building up Rathdown. This game mechanic is similar to the base game’s Settlement system but with a bit of a twist. To help you complete this quest use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rathdown Build Up guide.

Speak to Azar

From the longhouse make your way to the marketplace that is located in Dublin. In this location look for a Azar inside her stall. Approach the stall and speak to her. She will welcome you to her shop and a cutscene will trigger. During this cutscene you learn a bit about setting up a trade network to make the area more prosperous. To start you need to secure the Rathdown trade post.

Secure the Rathdown Trade Post

Leave Dublin and head to the northwest corner of the area to reach the Rathdown Trade Post. At this location you need to clear out all enemies. Once the enemies are cleared out interact with the signboard in the middle of the Trade Post that has a Raven on it. Spend the Deed to Rathdown to build the Furs and Dyed Cloth trade post. Once the trade post is built speak to the overseer.

Raid Lambay Abbey for Supplies

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To build up the trade post you need to secure Irish Cargo. These resources can be acquired by completing raids. You need to do a raid on the nearby Lambay Abbey to the east. Go to this location and complete the raid by collecting all 280 Trade Post Supplies in the large chests. While you are at this location be sure to grab the Smoke Bomb Arrow (Book of Knowledge) from inside the Abbey.

Return to Rathdown

After you’ve completed the raid you need to head back to Rathdown. Make your way back to the Trade Post using fast travel on your map. When you return to this location check the Signboards to see what building you wish to make. There are three options:

  1. Workman’s Cottage.
  2. Supply Depot.
  3. Storehouse.

I would recommend building the Workman’s Cottage first as this upgrade yields an increase in production of goods. With that said build whatever you wish to advance the quest. After the building is completed you need to return to Azar.

Back in Dublin make your way to Azar’s shop. At her shop there is a chest. Loot the chest to get the material from it. Take the material and trade it to Azar by speaking to her. After this exchange you will complete this main story quest. The next quest to complete is called Flann over Ireland. You will also unlock the Dublin’s Reach side quest which you should start on now.

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