Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Potion of Blood Guide

After you’ve spoken to Ciara you will receive a new mission called Potion of Blood. This mission tasks Eivor and Ciara with setting out to find help for Flann’s weakened army. To help you complete this task use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Potion of Blood guide below.

Meet with Barid then Follow Ciara

Upon speaking to Ciara you will awaken in a pile of hay. From here head over to the southern portion of the stronghold to meet with Barid. When you get close enough to him a cutscene will play. After this cutscene head over to the main gates to meet with Ciara. Approach and speak to her. Choose “Yes I’m Ready to Go” when prompted. Jump on your mount and follow her to reach a Runic Stone.

Find and Speak to Deidre

When you reach the Runic Stones follow them along the path leading to the south. You will reach Diedre’s Hut. Approach the hut and head through its front door to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you unlock the Children of Dany menu. This menu is much like the Members of the Order target system from the base game.

Find and Kill The Wren

The first target of the Children of Danu that you need to find and kill is called The Wren. The Wren is located in the town called Rathcroghan in the Connacht region of Ireland. She is the small woman walking around in the market. There are three clues that lead to her location:

  1. Automatically received during the main quest called “Potion of Blood.”
  2. Is found in an abandoned hut on the beach to the north of Port Auley on some sacks.
  3. Next to the great ritual stone in the middle of Lough Gara lake.

You do not need to find the clues to take out the target, but you can if you’d like. I’ve marked the location of The Wren on the map above so go there and kill her to advance the main story.

Upon killing The Wren you receive an Amber Shard. Take this shard back to Deidre. Upon entering the hut there will be another cutscene. When this cutscene ends you will have completed this quest. You will receive to quests: Children of Danu and Into the Fog. Pursue Into the Fog for now as that is the main story line.

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