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The first real story mission you need to complete for the Wraith of the Druids DLC is called Blood Bond. This mission is triggered the moment you get off the boat in Ireland. When you get off the boat you meet Barid. This starts the mission. To help you complete this mission we’ve put together a Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Blood Bond guide. Check it out below.

Follow Barid

Image showing King's Hall in Dublin.

The first quest objective is to follow Barid. Barid walk from the dock through the town of Dublin. He will stop at a few location where you need to complete some side activities. The first activity is an archery contest. Shoot the five targets in time to receive the Norse Gael Bow. After this activity is complete continue following Barid to reach the longhouse called King’s Hall.

Enjoy the Celebration

Image showing the fist fight with Sichfrith in Dublin.

The longhouse is holding a celebration. When you enter it you will need to enjoy yourself. To do this you can speak to a few of the NPCs that are around. Once you’ve spoken to a few of them you will need to speak to Barid. Approach him in the corner of the longhouse to trigger a cutscene. Talk to the boy when prompted to trigger a fistfight. Defeat Sichfrith to trigger another cutscene.

Find Barid

After the cutscene is complete you need to find Barid. Barid is said to be near the family burial ground south of Dublin. Head to the south of Dublin to Gortknaw. Make your way to the top of the graveyard to the cairn next to the big tree to find Barid. This will trigger another cutscene.

Escort Barid to his Castle

When you are done visiting with Barid you need to escort him back to the his castle. Simply follow Barid as he runs back. About halfway along the path you will be attacked by a trio of enemies. Defeat the enemies then continue back towards Dublin. There are no more enemies along the path. Inside the longhouse a cutscene will trigger.

After the cutscene is over you will wake up in a house in Dublin. You will receive +2 Skill Points, the Lynx mount, and a new main story quest called Snaring Thorstein.

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    After the longhouse celebration, it tells me to Follow Barid but, he won’t walk. It also tells me to push R3 to focus, he looks toward the top of the building. Is this a common bug with anyone else?

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