Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.3.1 Weapons List

The 1.3.1 update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla added a number of new additions to the game including five new weapons. These five new weapons are unlocked by completing specific tasks in the update content. The specific tasks all center around the River Raid mode. To help you unlock them all here’s a complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.3.1 Weapons list.

Lugh’s Spear

Image showing Lugh's Spear in AC Valhalla.
Lugh’s Spear.

The first weapon in update 1.3.1 you will acquire is the Lugh’s Spear. This weapon is yours upon defeating the Druid boss at the end of the River Erriff. You pick up the spear during a cutscene after the fight is complete. This weapon is not missable if you follow the Vagn questline for Logh’s Armor and Weapons.

Ulfberht Sword

Image showing the Ulfberht Sword in AC Valhalla.
Ulfberht Sword.

The second weapon you will acquire in update 1.3.1 is the Ulfberht Sword. This sword is yours after defeating the Champion at the end of the Ricer Rhine. Before you can face the Champion you will need to defeat two captains on the map. Once you defeat the captains this boss fight becomes available. After defeating the Champion at the monastery you receive the sword after the battle. Again this weapon is not missable.

The next three weapons all come from the special River Raid Champion bosses you unlock after completing the Lugh’s Armor and Weapon Vagn quests. The game will notify you when you unlock these special boss fights. They take place on River Raid maps that feature high enemy activity.

Rollo’s Lost Dane Axe

Image showing the Rollo's Lost Dane Axe in AC Valhalla.
Rollo’s Lost Dane Axe.

The first of the Champion’s weapons is Rollo’s Lost Dane Axe. The axe is your reward for defeating the England’s Protector boss on the River of Severn. Upon completing the boss fight you will get the axe. Your Eivor picks up the weapon after the fight is complete.

Celtic Crusher

Image showing the Celtic Crusher in AC Valhalla.
Celtic Crusher.

The Celtic Crusher is the next of the Champion weapons you can get. This weapon is your reward for defeating the Ireland’s Defender champion on the River Berbha. This Champion is located in a druid location. Defeating both of the bosses during this fight nets you the Celtic Crusher hammer. Your Eivor picks up the weapon after the fight is complete.

Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword

Image showing Sir Gareth's Holy Sword in AC Valhalla.
Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword.

The final Champion weapon from update 1.3.1 is Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword. This sword is your reward for defeating the special boss called the Francia’s Anointed. This boss resides in the River Rhine Monastery. Defeating the boss nets you the Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword for your efforts. Your Eivor picks up the weapon after the fight is complete.

All of the above listed weapons are Superior in quality. They can be upgraded both in terms of stats and rarity. Stat upgrades require materials like leather, iron ore, and other resources. Stat improvement is done from the equip screen. Rarity improvement requires a blacksmith and more scarce resources like Tungsten, Nickel, and Carbon. Improving the weapon’s rarity will change it’s appearance.

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