Animal Crossing New Horizons: Mega Dodo Code Thread – Drop Your Code and Find Visitors

A major aspect of Animal Crossing New Horizons is the ability to visit other players islands. This mechanic allows you to get different fruit, flowers, and even clothing you may not have access to on your island. To visit other players islands you will want to utilize the Island Airport. Here you can fly to various places including friend’s islands. If you wish to open up your island to all players you’ve come to the right place. Use the comment section below to dump your Dodo Code for other players to visit your island.

Important: Be careful when inviting others to your island. Although griefing is largely curbed through the Best Friend system you may still get mean people visiting.

How to Find and Share Your Dodo Code

Image showing how to find and share your Dodo code in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To get at your Dodo Code you will want to head to your Island’s Airport. Here you will need to speak with Orville to access the game’s online functionality. When you speak to Orville tell him “I want visitors.” Next select “Via online play”. Once you do this you will connect to the internet. Next select “Invite via Dodo Code.” to receive a five character code other players can enter to visit your island. If you wish to open up the invite you can select “The more the merrier” option which makes your island accessible to anyone you share the code with.

Once you’ve setup everything make note of the Dodo Code you receive. Note this Dodo Code is for the current playthrough and will become inactive should you log off or turn off your console.

If you are interested in finding people to come and visit your island share your Dodo Code in the comments below. To improve the chances of getting visitors highlight anything special you feel your island has to offer visitors (like all fruit, special clothing, good Turnip prices, etc.).

With the new Dream Suite update we’ve decided to form a thread for players wanting to drop their Dream Address. You can find that post right here. Head on over and share a snap shot of your island with us.

Thoughts on our mega Dodo Code thread? Drop them in The Pit below along with your Dodo Code.


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  1. Elfi says:

    I’m fairly new (about a month & a half in), but I have oranges, peaches, apples, and coconuts on my island. Looking for pears and cherries! 5W32X

  2. weewoo says:

    hihihi! my island is free for 3 hours! my code is 4TXYL! feel free to hangout 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    Dodo code is h42hj

    Please bring iron nuggets

  4. BJ says:

    hi!! my island is open! my dodo code is 2FH1L, anyone is welcome, but i really need help getting the rest of the fruit if anyone is willing to bring any. i need everything except peaches (native fruit), pears, and coconuts! i can also trade you something if you want!

  5. Lola says:

    Hey just want some one to hang with 99hso

  6. YH says:

    3qj1n, new player, come visit.

  7. Amber says:

    Dodo code is 7s2bc

    Looking for anyone to come hang out

  8. Hannah says:

    Hey, My code is 7G303. I need fruits other than cherries or oranges

  9. Katie says:

    Hello, I have the gate open on my island.. the code is: 0LL8J come visit!

    • Carla says:

      Thank you for the use of your shop. Don’t know if you’ve had luck with making perfect snowboys so I left you a large snowflake. 🙂

  10. Keeta says:

    Heyy guys! I’m just getting started with this game so bare with me. I’m trying to build a stor so if you can vista with iron I could trade or buy them. Oh! I also have peaches, just ask! Or just come and give me pointers 🙂
    Code: 7TS9B

  11. Cassie says:

    I really need apples it’s the only fruit I don’t have! my code is 74F9X stop by anytime today!

  12. Kat says:

    Someone come visit my island I’m a new player : KYF0L

  13. ProfCat says:

    Come visit! D3R6K Happy to have ya!

  14. cr0cco says:

    Can someone come to my island I want visitors 😀 my dodo code is:NN5V1

  15. cr0cco says:

    Hey I want visitors 🙂 my dodo code is:NN5V1

  16. Henry says:

    Hey can someone play with me dodo code is:3WG5M

  17. Miley says:

    Hey ! I’m sorry for bothering you, but would anybody mind giving me some bells? I need to pay off a loan and I don’t have any bells, I am struggling to get them. My dodo code is: K2XW3

  18. henry says:

    Hey I’m in need of stones my dodo code is:5JTR8. Thanks!

  19. miley says:

    Hey! I’m in need of 6 iron nuggets if anybody would part with them! 🙂 my island dodo code is: 29Q82

  20. Moni says:

    Hello, I am looking for the very last fruit for my island – an apple. If anyone could share 1 apple with me, I would be truly grateful. <3

  21. Beca says:

    I am in need of peaches and apples if anyone has any? Thanks!

  22. Zamora says:

    Hello anyone wanna play together

  23. Kat says:

    Hi, does anyone have apples they’re willing to part with? Even just 1? That’s the only fruit I need. ty ty

  24. Asa says:

    come code is my902

  25. Jayson says:

    I need oranges. I have all other fruits to trade.

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