Animal Crossing New Horizons: Mega Dodo Code Thread – Drop Your Code and Find Visitors

A major aspect of Animal Crossing New Horizons is the ability to visit other players islands. This mechanic allows you to get different fruit, flowers, and even clothing you may not have access to on your island. To visit other players islands you will want to utilize the Island Airport. Here you can fly to various places including friend’s islands. If you wish to open up your island to all players you’ve come to the right place. Use the comment section below to dump your Dodo Code for other players to visit your island.

Important: Be careful when inviting others to your island. Although griefing is largely curbed through the Best Friend system you may still get mean people visiting.

How to Find and Share Your Dodo Code

Image showing how to find and share your Dodo code in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To get at your Dodo Code you will want to head to your Island’s Airport. Here you will need to speak with Orville to access the game’s online functionality. When you speak to Orville tell him “I want visitors.” Next select “Via online play”. Once you do this you will connect to the internet. Next select “Invite via Dodo Code.” to receive a five character code other players can enter to visit your island. If you wish to open up the invite you can select “The more the merrier” option which makes your island accessible to anyone you share the code with.

Once you’ve setup everything make note of the Dodo Code you receive. Note this Dodo Code is for the current playthrough and will become inactive should you log off or turn off your console.

If you are interested in finding people to come and visit your island share your Dodo Code in the comments below. To improve the chances of getting visitors highlight anything special you feel your island has to offer visitors (like all fruit, special clothing, good Turnip prices, etc.).

With the new Dream Suite update we’ve decided to form a thread for players wanting to drop their Dream Address. You can find that post right here. Head on over and share a snap shot of your island with us.

Thoughts on our mega Dodo Code thread? Drop them in The Pit below along with your Dodo Code.


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1,410 responses

  1. Broheim says:

    SW: 3429-2208-9697
    New to this, can give NMT for help with DYI Bells or anything helpful! Thanks!

  2. lizzzy says:

    let me visit ur island 🙂

    I come bearing gifts, fruits, and DIY recipes

  3. Earth-Rat says:

    DIY SWAP! I have all the fruit, plus bamboo and coconuts, I currently have 21 DIY to trade, 2xv6x.

  4. Riceball says:

    Hi guys! If anyone has any peaches, oranges and apples can you please bring me some?? I have cherries and pears if you need those!

  5. Krissy says:

    I need apples and oranges

  6. Vector says:

    Hey everyone! I have never had anyone visit my island before but I want people to be able to so my dodo code is 8LDRJ

  7. Jonas says:

    Hey I’m looking for a black masquerade mask, I have all fruits but you need a black masquerade mask to get in. Code is: 7WCK4

  8. Joker says:

    Hey, I have all fruits but I am looking for a black masquerade mask, you won’t be able to get in without one, code is 6XLVM

  9. Lucinda says:

    If anyone has any cherries or apples I have pears, oranges, and peaches I can trade

  10. Yollie says:

    If you need any friends, request my, my code is sw-7422-7616-0223

  11. Imogen Stansfield says:

    Just started out wanting friends to visit, dodo code K7P8C friend code SW-3270-7980-5910

  12. Evelien says:

    I have cherries and apples, im searching for peaches rn so if you have some for me drop your code and lets trade

    • Nessie says:

      I have peaches. I am trying to find a better price for my turnips. I also need cherries. If I can come sell on your island, I will bring you peaches and pears!

      • Evelien says:

        Can you come tomorrow? Cuz i wont be playing later today and the turnip prices rn are pretty low (60). If you can come i will share the code tomorrow and you can come with some peaches 🙂 and sorry my island is a mess im redecorating

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Hi, I have peaches that I could bring to you if you have any spare iron nuggets??? If not then cherries are okay too! I haven’t played much but my code is 45H3Q. Good luck!

    • Christina says:

      I have peaches. 166S7

    • Ashley Eakins says:

      I have peaches, oranges and pears. And I need the 2 you have, tradesies?

  13. Xxxxxxx says:

    Hi, I am new and don’t have friends yet, I really want to go to an island, if I can go visit your island, drop your code

    • Jodi says:

      Need travel friends please add me

      • McKenzie 😗✌🏽 says:

        I have no animal crossing friends lol 😳🤚🏽 Uuuuuhh pls add me up and need new shid for da house and my island is ugly as I’m tryna redecorate but I’m poooor sooor yuh

        SW-2062-0604-1831 💅🏼
        Pls visit me as well
        The dodo code do be : FSNCL !!! Visit my ugly island annnn we can trade fruits n Stuff I got coconuts, cherries and oranges or whaever 😗✌🏽

      • Baba says:

        Need bamboos , cherries and apples

        Have coconut and peaches


    • Redrick says:

      Hi! I’m SW-2301-3395-2630. I’d like to be ur friend

  14. Brunonia says:

    [Code] J83SS

    [Fruits] All, please share.

    [Note] Just got 5 stars last week. Feel free to explorer and see it doesn’t take a ton of creativity to get there.

    It’s raining and Kicks is here. All the shops are open as well.

    I could use some help watering flowers. There are 2 large plots to the East and South East of the island and 2 small ones behind Agnes’ and Bianca’s houses.

  15. FunAwaits says:

    I have apples, peaches, coconuts and oranges. I would love to trade.

  16. Audi Bustinza says:

    I’m brand new I need help with everything lol but I mostly just want friends 🥺👉👈 I don’t have any yet I have lots of peach trees and I get pretty butterflies please come visit please be my friend my dodo code is FFHQW my gates are going to be open for a while my friend code is

    • Down Mouse says:

      your island isn’t letting me come to it. @Audi Bustinza

    • Jane says:

      Hi, I sent you a friend request. I joined at a similar time and would be happy to be your friend online.

    • Amelia Smith says:

      Hi! None of my friends have switches or the game so I would love to be your friend! My native fruit is cherries but I also have oranges and peaches! I will friend you and I hope to play with you soon! Friend code: SW-1987-5740-3886

  17. Jj says:

    Dodo code 317JP
    I have cherries and coconuts come take some if you want. Also if you have anything u don’t want u can leave it here. (I’m new so my town isn’t that good))

  18. Rockfred says:

    Turnip price im my island today is 552. Willing to open it in return for a small amount of the profits. Any amount will do, just don’t be greedy. And please, make your sale and leave.

    Dodo code 3QKRT

  19. The Dude says:

    Shops won’t open for awhile but I’m gonna leave my island open for a while. A lot of rare fish have been spawning. I’m playing another game so I’ll be interacting on and off, help yourself to fruit and flowers

  20. brett says:

    Hi anyone want to help im new and my island is a WIP 2nd day playing my dodo cod is 7DMJ2

  21. Jenna says:

    Code: 72TY7

    Looking to exchange fruits.
    I have pears and peaches!

  22. Chelsea says:

    Dodo code : 16v2y.

  23. David says:


  24. Breezy says:

    Are you playing today? Need peaches.

  25. Shannti says:

    My island is open for visitors. I will be afk so can’t chat.
    Have all the fruits, and some recipes at the entrance of the island. Feel free to take what you need, just leave some for other visitors.
    My dodo code is 759BX

  26. lizzzy says:

    dodo code 1920X

  27. h says:

    code NHB44 i’m pretty new at this be nice

  28. lizzzy says:

    DODO code JWBG1

    pears, cherries and lots of flowers

  29. Simpli says:

    dodo BMD20

  30. Gabby says:

    514 turnip price, 80k bell entry fee for selling & for TONS of free items!!


  31. Angel Moon says:


    My island has bright red apples growing on it

  32. Val says:

    I have Spoiled Turnips only for trade for anything. (island is fenced)

  33. Ak says:

    Status: open
    I have cherries and flowers! 🍒🌷
    Looking for visitors and to visit other peeps islands

  34. The dude says:

    It’s raining and Leif is here so go catch those sharks. I’m playing destiny as well so I’m a little distracted but help yourself to whatever. Flowers are appreciated

  35. jz says:

    I’ve got turnips to sell if anyone has a good price! I’ll give you half what I make. Or gold. Your call.

  36. Sunshine says:

    Dodo code is 8362B Need fruit apples oranges anything

  37. The dude says:

    Bring fruits and flowers please
    Just fishing bug hunting and gardening

  38. The dude says:

    Just restarted, just fishing and catching bugs.
    Fruit and flowers appreciated

  39. Chikie says:

    Looking for friends to visit! Dodo code is 7KS7S

    • Tori says:

      If you’re on right now, I’d like to come to your island. My shop is being upgraded rn, so I need somewhere to sell all these items. I have oranges, peaches, and coconuts.

  40. BigD says:

    Hey guys! I’m looking for an island to visit! I want to buy fruits and catch bugs and fish if possible. Add my friend code SW-1121-8732-1828. Reply with your dodo code if I can visit!

  41. Jonas says:

    Anyone have a cutting board? I’ll give 10 star fragments for whoever trades me one, if that’s not what you want, I’ll give my ironwood dresser as I finally got the recipe for it.

  42. Kimma says:

    I’m leaving the gate open. My Dodo code is J38XQ

  43. mopo says:

    does anyone have an island i can travel to

  44. The dude says:

    Oranges and pears. My cherries are still growing. My WiFi has been pretty bad today so just for-warning.

  45. Mischa01 says:

    Opening the gate till 4pm, new island so any fruits welcome 0RB85

  46. hanaaboba says:

    yo i want some friends and gifts too so come to my island bobatown

    CODE; K64LY

  47. Peep says:

    Hi! I will be back with new code soon!

  48. Alaina says:

    Hi! My code is: 7QD65
    Please be nice! 🙂
    I am giving away a free oarfish!
    I am willing to trade/ give away a variety of furniture, fruit, DIYS, bugs, fish, etc
    Any turnips, bamboo, or fruit other than oranges and pears that could be spared, would be greatly appreciated! Reply if you would want another code for tomorrow!

    • Alaina says:

      Sorry new code is: 3HCQK
      Please be kind!!🙂
      I am giving away 3 free oarfish!
      I am willing to trade and or give away a variety of furniture, fruit, DIYS, bugs, fish, etc
      Any turnips, bamboo, or fruit other than oranges and pears that could be spared, would be greatly appreciated! Reply if you would want another code for tomorrow!

    • Zsanett says:

      I’m interested!

    • Lisa says:

      I wanna sell my turnips and also check out some island to get inspiration for mine. It would be the first time for me to go on a diff island other than my sisters 🙈

    • Brandy says:

      I have apples to give you for some peaches 😊

  49. Inge says:


    [Fruits] pears

    [Note] northern hemisphere, feel free to take fruit from the trees 🙂
    I would love some bamboo, clay and iron please

    • Zsanett says:

      I can bring you some. Can you please let me know if you still need them?
      I would like to trade for some pears. Thank you

  50. Andrea says:

    Mystery bags for free, tips appreciated but not needed, code: 1MF1R
    Come and enjoy, you’ll have a pink bag and a white one.

  51. Davos says:

    I’ve got a handful of peaches that I am looking to trade away for other fruit (except for coconuts and pears). Would ideally love some cherries or apples but I am not too fussed either way, anything other than what I already have. 😀

    Anyone interested let me know.

  52. Betsy says:

    [Code] 4C0T9

    [Fruits] pears

    [Note] I’m southern hemisphere so shops open and can buy turnips at 103 i think. Bring a cash gift of $8k and please drop next to stall and you can fish and catch insects til your hearts content. Only letting 3 in at a time so game doesn’t crash.

  53. anon1234 says:

    !!! turnip prices at 559 bells, code is m4cs2. tips are appreciated. if you cant get into the island keep trying because we are probably full !!!

  54. Betsy says:

    Hey! My new code will be open for 30 mins or so! Bring me a gift from your island!! Would love some fruits! I only have pears and oranges (unfortunately stripped my trees of fruit today!) Code is DS9BM

  55. Betsy says:

    Visit me now!! Code is 2K28K

  56. Ju says:

    Animal crossing/ Turnip price 500+ only one hour left till store close. Please leave one item when visit, thanks! Dodo code 1V89Q

  57. Sage says:

    Looking for trades! I have oranges, cherries, Sakura blossoms~

  58. ashlee says:

    dodo code: 6LG6V
    Please bring nook mile tickets, i have all fruits and just have fun!

  59. Ashlee says:

    dodo code: 0225C
    Please bring nook mile tickets
    Have all fruits just have

  60. EmGem says:

    Gates open now. Dodo code NHFKW

  61. Cassie says:

    I have Peaches and Cherries to trade for either Apples or Pears if anyone is interested. Dodo Code is LF7H6

  62. Inge says:

    Beginner island with pears, no shop, FS0K6

  63. Inge says:

    My code: FS0K6

  64. Chan says:

    I’ll take friend codes to avoid too many people on my island! Drop them below 🙂

  65. Chan says:

    Need fruit besides apples and Coconuts. Willing to trade and make friends! My code is M6B2R. I’ll leave it open all day.

  66. Hudson says:

    code is 3KTPQ
    I accept donations but dont ruin the place

  67. Isabel says:

    Hey I need peaches my dodo code is 2M1P5!

  68. Juniper says:

    Hello! Does anyone have any kitchen furniture or Ironwood DYI? Any unique color flowers?

    Its Daytime here so stores are opened! I have all fruits, please take some!

    Code: 27yfh

  69. Grey says:

    I have oranges and peaches, just looking to find someone with apples, pears, and/or cherries. I can open my world, or come to yours, whatever is easier.

  70. Jeff says:

    code N8YLP

  71. Jeff says:

    Gates are open. I have all the fruit. If you bring a piece of furniture, I would gladly accept it.

    code N8YLP

  72. Jeff says:

    Sorry my internet is acting a little weird today. I have all the fruits.

    Code: KQ95N

  73. Jeff says:


  74. Jeff says:

    I need furniture. Bring me a piece of furniture, dont care what kind. And you can have as much fruit as you want. I have all five and plenty of them. Don’t bring a piece of furniture and I will ban you forever. drop it in front of nooks before you start farming.

    dodo code: 1NBPK

  75. Inge says:

    My code is 0RTR7, I am new to the game, have pears

  76. Gru says:


    Everything allowed except for digging up flowers ( can only dig up the flowers in the free flowers section) take as many free items in the take one leave one section but replace it with something of your own please. Have fun! Leif is here. Will close gate after 5 people.

  77. Gru says:

    Dodocode: 22SDW

    Come visit 😁

  78. Juniper says:

    Does anyone have cherries or oranges?

    Dodo Code:DF6QH

    • Popersg says:

      I am looking to exchange fruits such as peach and pear. I can bring some cherry, orange and apple. No roaming the island, just exchange fruits at either one’s airport area. Anyone?

  79. seemebreakthis says:

    For the next 30 min or so I will put my island online for all to visit and enjoy.

    Started playing less than a week ago. So there is not much going on. DOing this for the first time, have fun !

    The code is 8T76P

  80. Daisy says:

    BTMPV is my code.
    Native fruit is pears, and i have Leif on my island.
    You can pick some fruit, but please leave the flowers.
    I’ll mostly be afk, but enjoy reading your messages on the board later 🙂

  81. Ashley says:

    Does anybody have Leif on their island? I need more shrubs for my garden 🥺

    • Samuel says:

      I don’t ha be Leif but I could give you some azaleas if I can come sell some fruit on your island. My nook and cranny cranny is closed for renovations.

  82. Justus3434 says:

    come to our Island 88039 is the dodo code. We need fruits. our fruit is cherries

  83. Remark says:

    Turnip price 556
    Code: 1H1WV

  84. Sheena says:

    Good Morning!!!! who is up and ready for a visitor? I can bring woods(Hard/Soft) and cherries.

  85. Shirou says:

    89XMY new player here i have native pears, looking for trade for oranges or visit someone who has.

  86. Sheena says:

    Island open back up. Dojo code: B4VCH I have hard/soft and wood to give, donations of tree branches would be awesome. All my fruit is done for today sorry. Unless you can find some.

  87. Sheena says:

    Thank you all for your generous gifts, unfortunately I have to start lunch for my hubby lol. Gate will reopen soon.

  88. Sheena says:

    For the people coming to my Island, I have no bridges yet sorry.

  89. Sheena says:

    Thank you for everyone who donated and came I appreciate it, hope you enjoyed your stay. Check the bulliten board for friend code.

  90. Sheena says:

    Lol, reading is fundamental. I found it, anyone is welcome. I am still living in a tent, trying to make 98,000 without taking out a loan lol. Willing to help anyone, feel free to take anything you want I have cherries.

    Dojo code: 7DCXJ

  91. Sheena says:

    New player third day, where would I find my dojo code?

  92. Papersan says:

    I have a beach full of items I need gone, please be respectful and don’t leave quietly. Take what you can, donations are accepted but not required. Really cleaning up my island! If you see a fruit you need, help yourself.


  93. Daisy says:

    Native is oranges.
    You can pick some if you want, i will mostly be afk so can’t chat.
    Dodo code: LKGWJ

    • Robyn Burke says:

      5 star island with all fruits, bamboo, and a section with Free Flowers!
      Behave youself, become best friends, then get access to catalog drop gatherings and play in my music room.
      I have a section that I would love help watering, take home a slightly used Gold watering can for your efforts.
      MV8G5 dodo code

  94. Kc says:

    Add me 0318 1380 5916

  95. Corinne says:

    Hey guys! I would love to make some new friends! My friend code is SW-4537-9627-3298 My native fruit is apples!

  96. sean says:

    currently open! friend code: SW-7246-3870-3319 dodo code: 39LSV

  97. Nick says:

    New code: 2DX7N

  98. Ray says:

    New online: 0972 8108 3604

  99. Coco says:

    Let’s play together, please add me at 8411 0018 9430 . My island is still empty but please do visit : FKC50

  100. Nick says:

    Add me: 0863 8143 5323
    Dodo code: CQFWF

  101. ACE says:

    I would love to play with someone new, friend me at 6081 6349 3325.
    I play everyday and have apples, oranges, and peaches.

  102. Erin says:

    Dodo code KN7CJ
    Please don’t take flowers, but anything else is fine!

  103. Ben says:

    My code is JHRRB. Please come visit! I have pears and apples. My friend code is 5019 4115 4816. Cmmmon overr

  104. Arisha says:


  105. Ahmad says:

    Dodo code: DXPPJ

    5K entry fee or star fragments/gold nugget

  106. Ahmad says:

    Everyone Add me: SW 8347 7322 5514

  107. Nick says:

    Gates are open code: D4BD7

  108. Nick says:

    F code is 0863 8143 5323
    D code 0M0WX

  109. Nick says:

    Gates are open 0M0WX

  110. Alex says:

    My dodo code is 4WYRK

  111. jkp111 says:

    For those who’ve friended me, I’m gonna open my gates (my island name is Endor)

  112. Alex Lima says:

    Add me. My code is SW-3470-7572-6425

  113. Wendy says:

    Friend request me: SW 8347 7322 5514

  114. Jen says:

    Add me!

  115. Jen says:

    Add me! SW-3649-3940-2888

  116. Jen says:

    Code LNBST

  117. Lilu says:

    Looking for more islands to visit. Add me. SW:5487-5769-8184

  118. Cameron says:

    If anyone can help me, I’m new to the game! I have no idea how to make bells, or what to even do! Someone help!

  119. K Zehn says:

    [Code] FRR39

    [Fruits] CHERRIES! First come, first serve. I have about 50 to sell. $1,000 per cherry.

    [Note] The rest of the island is off-limits, but cherries are available by the airport. Sahara is also visiting the island and is in this airport area, so bring extra bells to buy carpets and wallpaper!

  120. Danielle says:

    Cmonnnn over

  121. Renee Redelinghuys says:

    New town.. pls give comments and advice. Bad turnip price today sry LSP1V

  122. Teeth5SOS says:

    My Turnips Exchange Code. Click the Link, Join the Queue, You have to enter your name that you use on ACNH.

  123. Izzy12989 says:

    can so many people stop joining its kind ofanoyying

  124. my friend code is 57975627 8672 mygamer tag isGirlyGam3r

  125. Ahmad says:

    Friend request me SW 8347 7322 5514

  126. Izzy12989 says:

    no inappropriate stuff and no cussing my dodo code is 6V6B7

  127. Pandarose says:

    Hosting a mystery bag grab! Go to for details and do code!

  128. Scott says:

    gates open, LVW7V

  129. Izzy12989 says:

    anyone wanna come to my island its free and i have bamboo you can do whatever but no cussing or inappropriate stuff!!

  130. Izzy12989 says:

    if u can please donate money i need to pay my loan (my loan is 239,586 you dont have to donate)

  131. Izzy12989 says:

    I have peaches cherries apples bamboo my dodo code is JXQ3

  132. cuinn says:

    shops open able sisters open for 30 min

  133. cuinn says:

    hey come to my island entire fee 500 to 1000 bells or more

  134. Please go to my island! says:

    COME TO MY ISLAND! (DODO CODE B8VJ3) I HAVE CHERRIES YOU CAN PICK!!! (Also donate to my incline if you want please im low on bells!)

  135. Please go to my island! says:

    COME TO MY ISLAND! (DODO CODE B8VJ3) I HAVE CHERRIES YOU CAN PICK!!! (Also donate to my incline if you want please im low on bells!)

  136. Please go to my island lol says:

    (MY DODO CODE IS B8VJ3 ) gates are open right now! Please consider donating to my incline! And I have fresh cherries (and some coconuts) for you to pick!

    Also if you have peaches please consider bringing some! We can trade!

  137. Daniel says:

    Anyone just want to hang out? I’m a bit bored and just want to add some friends to my friend list.

  138. gabby says:

    my dodo code is 32444…anyone can come on my island!! just looking to make friends and trade :))

  139. Sefer says:

    2L4VN dodo code
    I have pears , others are growing.
    New Island , if you want another friend come and see my island 😊

  140. Sarah Coulter says:

    Code 37QGS
    First day playing it I’m just a bit confused and would like some help 🙂
    I have pears on my island

  141. Sadie says:

    I have Peaches, Cherries, Oranges, Pears and Coconuts for trade
    Need Apples and Bamboo

  142. Kimmie says:

    Take something, leave something! Trade near town square.
    Maybe cherry blossoms?
    Much appreciated 😀


  143. Paper says:


    Cherry blossoms

    I have a trading spot near the plaza.

  144. shipp says:

    I could use cherries or peaches please!
    I’m brand new, day 3… I have oranges 😀

  145. Mari says:

    Heey! I have some apples and oranges! Somemo want to trade some fruits? I need peach, cherry or pears! Thanks!

  146. Ahmad says:

    Island opened to only my friends so friend request me first

    Friend request me SW 8347 7322 5514

  147. Effixs says:

    Anyone have windflowers, cherries, oranges, or apples for free? I just recently started, and want to increase my fruit variety!

  148. Ahmad says:

    SW 8347 7322 5514

    Island closed

  149. Ahmad says:

    Dodo code: DSJFJ

    SW 8347 7322 5514 friend request me.

  150. dave says:

    Been playing gor about a month now… just for some island buds.. pears are native.. i also have apples and oranges are growing
    Dodo 9F5G7

  151. Tyler says:

    Also if you want me to come to you you can give me your dodo code

  152. Alanna says:

    Anyone have oranges? Will trade for peaches, apples, or coconut….post your code and I’ll bring them to you!

  153. Tyler says:

    I really need some oranges I have every fruit and if anybody who chose southern hemisphere needs friends in the northern then come to my island and add me. Dodo code is FV33N

  154. David Thomas says:

    Come visit
    New island and gates are open.

    Come visit bit please sont uproot my plants.
    Code: 9VDYH

  155. Ahmad says:

    Dodo Code: 5CNJF
    Please join
    I’m a noob and I don’t have a very nice island. Sorry

  156. long2know says:

    Game was disconnected – new code..


    Native fruit – oranges
    Need pears – have cherries

  157. Ahmad says:

    Dodo Code: 5CNJF

    I will be fishing

  158. Ahmad says:

    Dodo Code: 5CNJF

    Reward: wooden table mirror

  159. Ahmad says:

    Dodo Code: 5CNJF
    would appreciate donations.

    • Ahmad says:

      Dodo Code: 5CNJF
      Help yourself to anything. You can sell anything
      Donations are appreciated

    • Juno says:

      I’ll trade 30 iron nuggets to someone who has pears or cherries on their island. I’m just looking for anything to start a sapling or two. Post a dodo code and I’m there with the iron.

  160. long2know says:


    Native fruit – oranges
    Need pears – have cherries

  161. Qi says:


    Need oranges, have apples and some pears.
    (The large flower field—don’t bother that, please. Other scattered ones are okay to take home if you like.)

  162. Richard Logan says:

    I’ve been struggling to get cherries, oranges, and apples. Come and visit and bring one of those trees or one of those fruits and I’ll give you whatever you need. Code: 748QF

  163. Kiley says:

    Anyone open who has iron nuggets?

  164. Rasmus says:

    My dodo code: LK6T7
    Welcome and please bring something, I’ll make it worth your while 🙂

  165. Ansley Baker says:

    Anyone have large star fragment if so why for code is D0GT0 closing after one person so dont come unless u hv large star fragment oki

  166. Ansley Baker says:

    Sorry here’s new code 4MXTG

  167. Ansley Baker says:

    Also have bell trees

  168. Ansley Baker says:

    Hi dodo for today is 6HWT9 plz visit I have cherry and apples fruit is FREE

  169. Ashley says:

    Hi everyone! I am trying to get peaches, cherries and bamboo. I have oranges, apples and pears. Someone willing to give me some fruit or exchange??

  170. Holly says:


    I’m really new to animal crossing but loving it! Only have oranges and apples, but would really like any other fruit and would love to visit others islands just to have look! there’s so much to learn!
    Can bring oranges, apples, lilies, pansies and hyacinths


  171. Isabel says:

    My dodo code is I’m looking for peaches if that’s ok??

  172. Spooky says:

    Fairly new to animal crossing, looking to get peaches and pears for my island! I have apples, oranges, cherries and bamboo so far… if anyone has these and is willing to share or trade anything please give me a shout out 🙂

  173. Hijo says:

    Looking for someone who’s nookcranny is buying turnips for a good price will bring any fruit or flower seeds for trade

  174. Kiley says:

    Let’s be friends! SW-3217-8803-7312

  175. Katie says:

    I will trade you an orange or bamboo shoot for an apple or cherry. I suck at the chat so please be patient! 6W0YK

  176. Miika says:

    Looking for peaches and cherries, I have the other fruits and am happy to trade whatever anyone needs if I have it! Dodo code is 3S3K2.

  177. Josh says:

    I have fruit and rose seeds for sell oranges pears cherries coconuts and peaches apples will be available in about a day or two email me [email protected]

  178. Kiley says:

    Dodo code G19Y1

  179. Tania says:

    Hi! I would like to get cosmos flowers and peaches! I have oranges, coconut, pears and roses. Please, send some codes 🙂

  180. Elizabeth says:

    Hey all! I’m just starting out but I have some pears, coconuts and oranges, and lots of random goodies to trade! Looking for new fruit, furniture, flowers, and new friends! 🥰

    Add me! Friend code: 1942-8573-5600 xx

  181. Isabel says:

    My dodo code is 98VNB

  182. Figh from calypso says:

    Hey guys! If any other weirdos are out there playing this late at night, please visit my island! No need to trade, just have fun! Please come soon! My island name is calypso.
    Dodo code: MKQD0

  183. Katie says:

    I have pears, peaches, coconuts, and oranges. Looking to trade. Turnips at 91 a pop. Store currently selling roses, hyacinth, and wildflowers.


  184. Kiley says:

    I’ve just started the other day, so I don’t have a ton to offer but could use all the help I could get 🙂 my dodo code is

  185. Maria says:

    Can I visit anyone’s island 🙁 I don’t have any active online friends and I’m super bored.. my SW: 1256-2722-9224

  186. Marisajk says:

    Need fruit ! Plz send codes

  187. Nick says:

    I have pears, cherries, and apples!! Needing some oranges and/or peaches.

  188. Rebeca says:

    I’m opening my gates, don’t pick up flowers and bring pears please
    Code is 4LTDS

  189. Lilu says:

    Anyone open? My islands open now to friends on Nintendo. I can visit people if anyone wants

  190. Jappa says:

    Hey, anyone have anything for the imperial stuff? If so I would like to buy it from you. If you want too please send me your friend code

  191. Sam says:

    Does any one have cherries available?

  192. Sherbert2.0 says:

    Does anyone have oranges or peaches I need both. If so can I please visit your island

  193. Maile says:

    Is anyone’s town open & have Celeste? Looking for recipes if you’re available! ^^

  194. Tiera says:

    Anyone open

  195. Tiera says:

    Gate is open dodo code 7VNB2. If possible please bring any kind of furniture to decorate my island with. Take what you need but don’t be greedy!

    • Tiera says:

      New code DC0MP. Only letting a few in at a time hopefully that will help with connection issues. Please bring furniture.

      • Kirian says:

        What fruits and flowers do you have available? I’m looking for any fruit trees other than peach, and I have hyacinths, pansies, cosmos, and lilies. Do you have windflowers? They’re so pretty!

  196. Pancakes says:

    Dodo code is B3JFF
    Friend Code: SW-2152-7982-9900

  197. Pancakes says:

    Anyone can join! Looking for a friend!

  198. Tyler Andersen says:


  199. Tiera says:

    Are any islands open

  200. Julie says:

    My friend code is SW-0969-8454-3000, I’m a frequent player and have a little to offer on my island. Come visit me!!

  201. Abby says:

    Hey if any islands are open and need materials I can help! I have peaches, apples, oranges, cherries, pears, coconuts and peaches, can bring 3 different types of pansies! And bamboo 🙂 if you can trade stuff would be great as I am looking for meteor shower fragments, paintings and am willing to pay! Reply with dodo or friend codes!! Mainly looking to visit new islands and make new friends 😀

  202. Rebecca says:

    I would love to visit islands or have people visit mine. I need bamboo, cosmos flowers and hyacinths. I have all fruit and tulips, wind flowers, and lilies (some are rare lilies).

  203. Josh says:

    I have every fruit for sell I have bamboo for sell I have all the rose seeds for sell if you don’t have the diy to hold items then I’m only interested in bells I have all the fruits and all the colors red yellow and white rose seeds email me [email protected]

    • Josh says:

      Please understand that apples oranges pears cherries coconuts and peaches are for sell I am not giving anything away free I have rose seeds also for sell nothing NOTHING IS FREE you tell me what color rose how many seeds I will send a price u agree to my price send me ur dodo code same with fruit u send me what fruit I’ll send u a price

  204. Em says:

    Looking to trade and visit islands! I have pears, bamboo, and coconuts!!

  205. hello says:

    hi please come my gates will be open today and maybe tomorrow dodo code is 90FV8. I will keep y’all uptadated on the code tomorrow too.

  206. Teeth5SOS says:

    My Username is Teeth5SOS On Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I am opening gates for visitors. Please come out and hang. I have Coconuts, Peaches, and a few Cherries and Apples, I can also trade them.

    I also have some flowers, not as many as some, but I am working towards a goal. Hang tight and we shall get there together.

    I am a newer user, only been using the game for a couple hours per day, not much more than a week or two.

    My DoDo Code for Island is CL7WJ, if It changes I will update below this post

  207. Staci says:

    I can’t figure out how to get the best friends app. I’ve tried everything!

    Can someone visit me and request to be my friend?

    Code: 779HT

  208. Staci says:

    I would love visitors! I am new, so don’t have much to offer. But visit me! Gates are open!
    Code: 4338L

  209. Teeth5SOS says:

    This is my first time doing this, I want to have visitors.

    My code is J5S9N.

    Please come visit me. This is my first time opening gates, been only playing for a few days!

    • TEETH5SOS says:



  210. Bean says:

    I have an enclosed area where people can take items – gifts are welcome, especially the papa bear as I’m looking to build the giant bear for outside Stitches’ house.

    Will be open for about an hour
    I have all fruit except peaches out for grabs, furniture, clothes, crafting materials etc

    CODE: M86W2

  211. Hikaru says:

    Hxnv0 dodo code new and looking for people to visit my island

  212. Serenity says:

    Just got the game.. so super new but would love to have someone visit me or visit them. Not sure how much of this works lol my current dodo code is HC9TY

  213. Hijo says:

    Looking for an island buying turnips for 200 or more will tip 200k bells after selling. Please email me at [email protected]

  214. Destiny says:

    My code is HV77X!! Come visit!!!!

  215. Shepard says:

    I just started my island. I have peaches in here and some other stuff growing. Need iron pieces.

  216. Galaxy says:

    Come to my island! CODE: JCLLG. Bring whatever donations you got!

  217. Pete says:

    194 Bells per turnip! All fruits available. Gates are open!

    Dodo Code: JX16S

  218. Chris says:

    Turnips at 505! One hour ago left!
    200k entry (pay after)


  219. Elise says:

    Hey there!

    I’ve traveled so many islands and have not found two specific fruit at all. Desperately searching for peaches and oranges.

    My gate is currently open and my code is BW16Y. One of each is even enough! Please and thank you!

  220. Pepe says:

    Code: NFP0K

    Need 20 iron and Godzilla statue.

    Will dedicate a beach on my island to you for bringing these

  221. Chris says:

    Turnips are at 505 here!!! Visit now only here one hour

  222. Potato says:

    Visitors welcome, happy to trade some flowers blue and pink windflowers also others
    And also pears and 2 fully grown peach trees
    For other flowers Lilly’s, roses, mums etc
    Or fruit that isn’t pears, coconuts or peaches
    Dodo 23XYP
    Please visit

  223. Kayli says:

    Will buy nook miles tickets for 20,000 bells . Let me know if interested and I will give you my dodo code

  224. Andres says:

    I have apples on trees and would like to trade with any foreign island fruit please bring some to trade. New island so bear with me, code is n630C
    Thank you

  225. Hijo says:

    Looking for a good turnip buy price anything over 300 bells per turnip. Will gladly leave a 200k bell tip. Email me at [email protected] with the buy price and dodo code

  226. Stariel says:

    Open for an hour or so. Could realllly use 🍒 , roses or lillies if you can spare a couple

    Code is:

  227. Clownboy says:

    Any islands i can join? Im looking for games or perhaps fishing or bug catching contests. Also if any of you have Flick please invite me to your island

  228. K says:

    Anyone have an open town soon after I host my current visitors.
    Mayyybe someone with 🌹

  229. K says:

    I have better connection now, looking to visit a town with apples or cherries..or both😄
    Let me know what you’d like me to bring I have pears oranges bamboo shoots other stuff to trade too.

  230. Pepe says:

    Code: KHSYY

    New island needs help! Bring iron and decorations!!

  231. MJ says:

    I’m looking for fruits! My native fruit is cherries but I’ve also been able to plant some peach trees. I’ll trade the cherries for any other fruit tho!

  232. K says:

    I have pears peaches and oranges.
    Please bring apples or cherries. Lots of stuff for trade.

  233. Pepe says:

    Code: J0667

    Bring me fun gifts please!!

  234. Lissa says:

    Dodo code 6J1GB

    Just started 2 days ago and in need of iron nuggets. I’ve only been able to find two out of the 30 I need with traveling to multiple islands and looking on my own. ☹️ If anyone is willing to part with any, it will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance for helping!

  235. Desiree says:

    Hi! My dodocode is “H8QBT”. I’m in search of a few items. I’ll add them below and I’m willing to buy or catalog 🙂 Feel free to wander my island and visit my shops! Kicks is also here.

    •sand castle
    •brown rattan towel basket
    •white mountain bike
    •silver shower set
    •simple panel
    •dark brown pet bed
    •dark brown poolside bed
    •picnic basket

    Thank you all for your help in advance!:)

  236. Liz says:

    Gonna try again & hope there are some better people playing right now. I am in search of 3 yellow rose blooms to craft an item. I would also love some rose seeds, any color! I have at least a tree’s worth (3) of each fruit in my pocket. I will trade any of them for the roses. I was pretty much picked clean earlier, so don’t come if you just want to try to pick fruit & flowers.
    My dodo code is;

    • Liz says:

      Gate is closed now. HUGE thanks to everybody that helped me! Really, restores my faith in this animal crossing community after my bad experience this morning! Thanks, again, take care, & stay safe out there! 🙂 <3

  237. Tyler says:

    Literally just need a friend give me your dodo code or join my island I have pears and cherries and I’m on northern hemisphere

    Code is 9sdjj

  238. mia says:

    hey! i have an island with all fruits! just try not to pick too many bc my sister will get mad haha dodo code is 5TPK6

  239. Wolf says:

    I have an island where we can hang out and play some games! Its not a lot. Im only a day into it but i have pears that are free for picking!

  240. Pepe says:

    Code: 4WVGB

    Please bring cherries and Godzilla statue or flamingos. New island needs some help!

  241. Ben says:

    Can someone give me a code so I can visit? I have pears

  242. Amanda Wesley says:

    Hi! I am new, but welcome all and want to explore!
    Native peach island

    Dodo code: 7YDMH

  243. Liz says:

    Hi! I just got the Ketchup Amiibo Card. She wants me to make her an item that requires 3 yellow rose blooms. Alas, I have no roses on my island! 🙁 Will anybody please help me out? I would also love some rose seeds to plant, any color! I have all the fruits growing, pansey, hyacinth, & cosmos seeds for sale. Turnip price is in the toilet. Hit me back if you will help. Thanks!! 🙂

    • Liz says:

      dodo code is 9T2X6

      • Liz says:

        I’ve got 3 of each fruit in my pockets. Will trade any for 3 yellow rose l
        Blooms & rose seeds.

        • Liz says:

          Wow! Huge thanks to all the people that came & picked me clean without bringing me ANYTHING! I’m glad I was smart enough to grab a tree’s worth of each fruit. If you need any of the fruits, I will trade you for 3 yellow rose blooms & a few rose seeds, seeds can be any color. If you are interested, please reply & we can work it out. I have pansey, hyacinth, & cosmos seeds for sale. I will come to your island, we will make the trade & I will leave.

  244. Smelly says:

    Hiii my gate is open, nooks are also selling for 518 bells. 0VC32

  245. Ashley says:

    Does anyone have lilies they would like to trade or in their shop? I have roses and hyacinths. Or if you would like something else in return, just let me know. Also, I would appreciate anyone who would let me visit their island. I have yet to travel to anyone’s yet. I can bring items to donate. And I will be respectful of your things and your rules. 🙂

  246. Petal says:

    Hello, all. Inviting for a short time. Got a few cherries, who knows what else. 1G622. Please say “Hi” to me, and “Bye” before you leave!

  247. COCO says:

    Code: 6RN20

    Fruit: Cheries

    Come for fun!!

  248. Pepe says:

    Code 255PR


  250. Theoworn says:


    Looking to trade flowers, i’ve got Hyacinth and lillies, (Including black, and orange lillies) as well as red and white pansies seeds. Really looking for roses but i will take any flowers i don’t have.

  251. dodo code is 24QHB just join ONLY to give me stuff sorry im the one in the yellow beenie

  252. Kelly says:

    We have pears, oranges and coconuts. We will trade our fruit for apples, oranges and cherries.
    Dodo code: L50LD we’re usually on all day

  253. Bela says:

    Looking for mum seeds, lily seeds, rose seeds, and furniture for kitchen/ bathroom.

    I have every fruit for trade and bells. I also have flower seeds and oranges for sale in my nook shop

  254. Ana says:

    Will trade oranges, pears or coconuts for peaches or cherries

  255. Matt says:

    Anyone got mum or lilly seeds? Happy to trade other stuff (bells, mystery tour tickets, iron, other flower, etc).

    If so, add me SW-1763-5566-0310

  256. Chey says:

    need friends to play with 🙂
    Dodo code: 8KCCD
    Sw:6253 8728 9886

  257. COCO says:

    Code: HCD3M

    Fruit: Cherries

    Notes: pls come and Njoy.. But be respectful..

  258. Matt says:

    Also looking for a screen wall wallpaper, will pay for it or trade.

  259. Matt says:

    Anyone got any good prices on turnips?

  260. Clouds says:

    ** ISO someone who can order either a white or grey stone lighthouse OR white or grey stone pool by redeeming nook miles!!!

    I will pay you like 200,000 bells or whatever you want!

  261. Samuel Powell says:

    Add me on switch and I do have a question how does someone add them in the actual animal crossing game? My switch code is 0231-4710-0353

  262. Eddie says:

    Looking for oranges,peaches or apples. I have pears, cherries and coconuts also have some bamboo trees. A couple star fragments and some tulips you can dig up at the gate. Anyone want to trade for oranges,peaches or apples?

  263. Bela says:

    I have 30 bamboo pieces, a nursery bamboo, a bamboo shoot, oranges, and coconuts.

    Looking for: pears, kitchen furniture, mums, lillies, and roses.

  264. Samuel powell says:

    3s5k7 is the code gates are going to be open a while need new things please bring them I’ll pay or trade

  265. Boop says:

    Looking for all fruits aside from oranges and coconuts, kitchen furniture, diy recipes, and new flowers (mums and roses.) I don’t have much to trade since I just started last Sunday.

  266. Kayli says:

    Will buy bamboo & nook miles tickets . Name your price dodo: 4RMXB

  267. Kayli says:

    Will pay 10,000 for bamboo & 15,000 for nook miles tickets 4RMXB

  268. Nick says:

    Anybody will apples or pears can please come! I have coconuts, cherries, oranges and peaches. Comment for dodo code

  269. Cheyanne says:

    Does anyone have Lillies, Mums, or Tulips I could either trade with them or buy from their Nooks Cranny Shop (I have all fruits, iron, cutting board and maybe other items I could trade with!) let me know!

  270. Nick says:

    Hey everyone. Here’s the link to my Dodo code.

    Island is on lockdown to prevent any shenanigans, so only Nook’s and Abel Sisters available to visit. Rose (red/white) Windflower (red/white) and hyacinth (white/yellow) seeds for sale. Tipping not required but would be appreciated! Looking for unique items or ironwood furniture. Thanks!!

  271. Jeff says:

    Also, meteor shower on my island tonight!

  272. Holly says:


    Have all fruits here, as well as tulips, hyacinths, pansies, and windflowers.

    Can trade bells, irons, or whatever! Thanks!

    Friend Code for Switch: SW-2348-9958-2482. Dodo code: 8PFM7.

  273. Nick says:

    Nook’s and Able Sisters both open today. Rose (red/white) Windflower (red/white) and hyacinth (white/yellow) seeds for sale. Cool game board also available. Tips not required but appreciated (unique items/ironwood furniture). Please remove yourself from the queue when done! 🙂

  274. Hijo says:

    Looking for roses and lily’s. I have Tulip, Windflower, Mum, and Pansy seeds. I also have oranges, apples, cherrys, and pears with peaches growing. If anyone has rose or lily seeds please email me at [email protected] to set up a trade via friend code or dodo code.

  275. Dash says:

    I need to visit someone who isn’t on a native orange island. I can give you some oranges in exchange as well as cherries or peaches.

  276. Trumpy says:

    76HTN in need of peaches please

  277. Carrie C Dishman says:

    My code jggnn, we have oranges and pears looking for flowers and different fruit

  278. NATR says:

    Hi Guys.. I am NATR.. come visit my Village.. my code: 4222R…

  279. Lynda says:

    I’m new, come visit. 015Q8.

  280. Haylie says:

    Hey can I visit someone’s island, my island consist of apples and I need more flowers and fruit, and new furniture items I can purchase! I will bring some new furniture for you to pickup as well, just drop ur dodo code!

  281. Trexyn says:

    Does anyone have any cardboard boxes (or cardboard bed) I could have, for trade / exchange? (Need them tonight.) I have lots of cherries to exchange. My isle is still kinda new, so I’d love to visit and catalog if possible. Respectable and won’t take or destroy anything.. but would like some ideas, too! (Does this Dodo code thing really work?! Lol I’ve yet to be able to connect.)

  282. Denise says:

    Come visit me 3TFK3

  283. Emily says:

    Can someone bring me flowers?? I need everything but roses, windflowers and tulips… I have apt of bamboo and the flowers listed, thanks! NJOMC or NJ0MC can’t tell which

  284. Cheyanne says:

    Does anyone have roses? I really need some! I could buy them from your nooks cranny shop if you don’t have any on hand, PLEASE!

    • Emily says:

      I have lots of roses and need flowers too… anything but pansies, tulips, and wind flowers i need… please bring with you NJ0MC

  285. Matt says:

    Need peaches, cherries, apples, rose, windflowers. Have a bunch to trade!!

  286. Denise says:

    I have no friends, please come visit, my code is DPNK8. The more the merrier

  287. Issac says:

    I bought turnjps for 100 a piece, but my turnip prices suck right now. Today is the last day to sell them, so I was wondering If anyone would let me sell my turnips on their island for over 100 bells. I have apples, furniture, and peaches to trade for it. Reply if your avalible!

  288. Josh says:

    I have oranges and orange trees I have cherrys and cherry trees I have coconuts and coconut trees I have bamboo and bamboo sprouts for those that don’t have a vaulting pole or ladder let me know I can make you one

  289. Josh says:

    I have orange windflower red windflower white pansy yellow tulip yellow pansy and white tulip
    If u need some email me [email protected]

  290. Hijo says:

    Looking for lilys and roses. I have mum, pansy, and windflower seeds i can bring. I also have apples, oranges, pears, and cherrys.

  291. Danielle says:

    Anyone here have Lillies in their Nooks Cranny?

  292. Georgia says:

    Join my island I’m new! 🙂 7N2XB <3

  293. Josh says:

    Hey add me and send me a email
    Email [email protected]

  294. Chey says:

    Does anyone have roses? Either in their Nooks Cranny or that they’ve already purchased that I could trade with? I have all the fruits, lots of iron and bells. Please let me know!

  295. Tiera says:

    Gates are open dodo code HFVRF. If you can please bring a cutting board

  296. Tiera says:

    Anyone playing able to make a cutting board?

  297. Cheyanne says:

    Bonnie, no worries it took me a while to figure it out! Thank you for the flowers!

  298. Bonnie says:

    Anyone playing who has some pears?

  299. Danii says:

    Game of roulette on my island!!! Follow my Twitter (Danii_louise192) too see dodo code and instructions

  300. Jonas says:

    Okay, that’s it, Marisa I’m going to make a friends only group since it always crashes, so there is no code, just go to online and select the friends island option, that should work.

  301. Jonas says:

    New code is: DXM91
    Also, Marisa, I’ll see if I can do something to let you get the lily, and anyone else can just tour the island

  302. Lou says:

    Code : 2N8M8

  303. Lily says:

    So my dodo code is 3W25N
    Please come and trade fruits with me I have oranges a lot of peaches, some coconuts, and few bamboo. I want pears and cherries. Please don’t steal from my island.

  304. Jonas says:

    Hi, I’m looking for roses, if anyone has them on their island or in your store, I’ll trade you for my first lily of the valley, I have oranges as well so if you have roses and need/want any of these, please reply with your dodo code.

    • Jonas says:

      Side note: Most of the day I’ll be online, so no need to wait too long

      • Jonas says:

        I’ll make a dodo code if anyone wants to come here, trade the rose seeds and I’ll let you have my lily of the valley and my oranges, also I have the upgraded books cranny

        • Jonas says:

          My dodo code is 0SQ66

          • Jonas says:

            One last thing: CHECK YOUR INTERNET BEFORE ENTERING, I don’t want to have to make a million different codes because someone with bad internet joined.

          • Jonas says:

            I already have white and purple roses growing but I need red roses so I can grow gold roses, I’ll get you on the best friends list temporarily so you can pick up the lily of the valley

          • Marisa says:

            I have red and white roses. How many Seeds do you want? I’ll take the lily of the valley and a look in your catalog. In need of kitchen items for my cafe.

          • Jonas says:

            Marisa, Great! I’ll need your friend code to give you the best friend list to get the lily of the valley

          • Jonas says:

            Oh wait, Marisa, I’ll get my lily of the valley, you give me your dodo code to visit your island, and I’ll plant the lily there!

        • Jonas says:

          Also, I only need like 2 red roses, I have white roses but I can’t make black roses with them

  305. Cale says:

    I’m opening my gates. I have pears and peaches and coconuts for y’all. All I ask: don’t trample my sweet flowers. Don’t take any DIY’s I have saved for trade. DIY’s for trade: shell speaker / honeycomb flooring / green leaf pile / mini wooden table.

    I’m looking for diner items // mixed flowers // any cool donations. I’m loaded on Iron/Clay/Stone/etc. if you can’t donate, just appreciate the beauty of my upcoming and coming island ; ) & send me a dodo code to let me shop @ your Nook. Thanks.

    [email protected]

    Email for dodo code. BE COOL. THx

    • Hijo says:

      I will be home in half an hour if you are still keepung your island open i canbring seedsfor mums, pansys, and wind flowers

  306. Cheyanne says:

    Does anyone have roses or tulips or hyacinths they would trade for something? Or does your Nooks Cranny shop have any? I have lots of iron, and every fruit I could trade for them? Or just buy them from your Nooks Cranny! Please let me know!!!

  307. Lou says:

    Code: 5BCK3 🙂
    New to animal crossing

  308. faber says:

    anyone have oranges?