Animal Crossing New Horizons: International Museum Day Guide

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There is an event in Animal Crossing New Horizons that takes place on May 18-31 which is in celebration of museums around the world. This International Museum Day sees your island’s museum celebrating with a Stamp Book. To learn everything you need to know about this event use our International Museum Day guide below.

How to Start the International Museum Day Event?

Image showing the Blathers text when you start the Stamp Rally on International Museum Day.

When you login on May 18 you will receive special announcement during the daily news about an exciting museum event. This event is being put on by the museum’s director, Blathers. Blathers is celebrating International Museum Day by holding a stamp rally between May 18 to May 31st in the museum. After you’ve heard this announcement make your way to the museum on your island and speak to Blathers.

How to Collect Stamps During the Stamp Rally?

Image showing a Stamp Station in the museum during the Stamp Rally in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

When you speak to Blathers for the first time during the International Museum Day event he will explain how the Stamp Rally works. Basically each of the Bug, Fish, and Fossil galleries have three stamp stations in them. You must find each of the stations within a gallery and acquire the necessary stamps to earn a prize. There are three total prizes to win (one for each gallery).

To acquire stamps simply wander around each exhibit section and look for square yellow stamp stations (seen above). Interact with these stations and match the stamp station to the stamp-able section on your gallery stamp card. Once a card is filled with the three stamps for an exhibit out you can take it to Blathers to get your prize.

What are All the Prizes for Collecting Stamps During the Stamp Rally?

Image showing the prizes available for completing the Stamp Rally during the International Museum Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

As mentioned earlier there are a total of three prizes you can receive for completing each of the stamp cards. Each prize is given to you by Blathers. The prizes you get for each completion are all plaques:

  • Fish Plaque.
  • Fossil Plaque.
  • Bug Plaque.

These three plaques can be seen in the screenshot above which was taken in my character’s trophy room. Once you’ve won the prizes above you will have completed the event. With that said the museum stamp stations refresh each day in new positions. This means you can complete the event and get duplicates of the plaques above if you so desire.

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