Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Start the Bunny Day Event

Animal Crossing New Horizons is currently holding a seasonal event called Bunny Day. During this event players can scavenge for eggs around their islands to create special DIY recipes. These eggs come in six different types and should all be collected during the event. To start this egg collecting event for yourself use our how to start the Bunny Day event guide below.

Note: This event starts on April 1 and runs to April 12. Internet access is required.

How to Download the Bunny Day Update

Image showing How to Download the Bunny Day Update.

To start you need to do some leg work to make sure your Animal Crossing New Horizons game has the most recent update. I am currently playing on version 1.1.1 and have the Bunny Day active. To ensure you have the most recent update you want to highlight Animal Crossing New Horizons on your Switch’s homescreen. When highlighted hit the + to pull up options for the game. On this options screen select Software Update > Via the Internet. If your game is not up to date you will download the most recent update using the internet.

Where to Find Zipper

Image showing the NPC named Zipper in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Once you have the update downloaded head into your game. You should see noticeable changes on your island with eggs being the major one. Across various sources you will now find egg materials. There is also a new NPC called Zipper that appears on your island. When you find Zipper (can be anywhere) speak with this bunny to learn a bit about the event. Note Zipper is the source of most DIY recipes for this event so you will want to visit them often.

That’s all you need to know about starting the Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This event marks a new approach from Nintendo as previous events typically came on cartridge. Instead will now need to download each event as they are released in the future.

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