Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Make a Shovel

When you first settle your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons you may have noticed sparkling sections of ground as you wandered. These sparkling sections of ground signify buried items. To dig up these buried items you need a shovel. To help you get this tool use our how to make a Shovel guide below.

Where to Get the Shovel Recipe?

To get the Shovel recipe you need to have Blathers move to your island. To do this you need to collect five different bug types and donate them to Tom Nook. Once you’ve donated the bugs Tom Nook will give you a tent to place for Blathers to move into. Place the tent where you want Blathers to reside then wait an IRL day. On the next day Blathers will move into the tent.

Once Blathers is moved into the tent you can speak with him to learn more about the museum. After this interaction Balthers will give you a number of recipes including the Shovel. To craft the Shovel you require the following materials:

After you’ve crafted the Shovel it will be added to your inventory. With the Shovel equipped you can dig up sparkling bits of dirt by walking up to them and pressing A. This tool is useful for collecting buried fossils needed to create the Museum for Blathers.

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