Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Make a Ladder

On your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons there are cliffs you are unable to climb up. These cliffs lead to other locations on the island that contain more resources you can gather. To climb the cliffs you will need to craft a ladder. Continue reading below to learn how to make a ladder.

How to Get the Ladder Recipe

To get the Ladder recipe for yourself you want to complete the buildings Tom Nook asks you to complete. The only building this is is the shop. Complete the shop to start the next building requirement which is to build three houses for NPCs that wish to move to the island. Upon taking on this task Tom Nook will give you a bunch of recipes. Among these recipes is the recipe to build a Ladder. The material requirements for a ladder are:

  • 4x Wood.
  • 3x Hardwood.
  • 4x Softwood.

Once built the Ladder will be placed in your inventory. When used the Ladder allows you to climb up areas you normally couldn’t. This allows you to place the Ladder on the cliffs so you can climb up them to reach the areas above.

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