All Effervescent (AKA Rainbow Guns) From Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC

Effervescent is a new weapon rarity tier in the new Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. This rainbow tier color features a number of new items for players to collect. Below is a list of all Effervescent weapons, grenades, shields, and vehicle skins.


There are a number of Effervescent Weapons for players to farm. These weapons cover all different types and manufactures. Check them out below.

Unicornsplosion (Shotgun)

Image showing the Unicornsplosion (Shotgun).

Infection Cleaner (SMG)

Image showing the Infection Cleaner (SMG).

Toothpick (Assault Rifle)

Image showing the Toothpick (Assault Rifle).

Peak Opener (Assault Rifle)

Image showing the Peak Opener (Assault Rifle).

Hot Mama (Sniper Rifle)

Image showing the Hot Mama (Sniper Rifle).

Nirvana (SMG)

Image showing the Nirvana (SMG).

World Burn (Rocket Launcher)

Image showing the World Burn (Rocket Launcher).


Like the weapons there are a number of Effervescent Grenades for players to collect. These grenade modes can be gathered by farming bosses and enemies (so normal BL2 grind).


Image showing the Antifection grenade.

The Electric Chair

Image showing the The Electric Chair grenade.


Shields also got some Effervescent love. There are a couple of Effervescent Shields to collect for those that want them. These shields drop randomly.


Image showing the Retainer shield.

Easy Mode


There are Effervescent Artifacts available for players to collect. These artifacts can be found by farming. Here’s what they are.


Image showing the Mouthwash Artifact.

Hard Carry

Image showing the Hard Carry artifact.

Vehicle Skins

There are Effervescent Vehicle skins for players to collect if they so desire. These skins are applicable to the Bandit and Runner. Check them out below.

Rainbow Runner

Image showing the Rainbow Runner.

Technical Spectacle

Image showing the Technical Spectacle.

That’s all the Effervescent items that have been found so far. I will continue to update this list as more are discovered. Which of these items do you think is the best? Let me know in the comments.

Thoughts on the Effervescent items? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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