A Hard Rain Falls – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Guide

A Hard Rain Falls is a quest players can complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This quest comes from the Exo Stranger on Europa and tasks players with completing Public Events inside the currently Eclipsed Zone. To help you complete this quest see our A Hard Rain Falls guide below.

How to Start A Hard Rain Falls

This quest is accessible by speaking to the Exo Stranger at the Campsite area of Europa. When you speak to the Stranger you will be prompted to receive the A Hard Rain Falls quest. This quest has two steps you need to complete to finish it. The steps of the quest are highlighted below.

Step 1: Complete Public Events and Patrols in the Current Eclipsed Zone

Image showing the Eclipsed Zone in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

The first quest step is to complete activities inside the currently Eclipsed Zone. The active zone can be seen on your map as it has falling stars/asteroids over it. When you are in the Eclipsed Zone you will have a buff applied. This buff is Stasis Regeneration. As of the time of writing the current Eclipsed Zone was Eventide Ruin (changes weekly see map above).

Once you know where to go make your way to the Eclipsed Zone. Here you want to complete specific activities to earn progress in this quest step. You can pretty much do anything but there are certain activities that will be most rewarding:

  • Patrols – 15%.
  • Public Events (Heroic) – 35%.

Efficiency wise the simplest method is to hop between Patrols and Public Events when they appear. This method will take you no time at all to complete as you earn progress at a steady pace from completing the activities above plus percentage completion from killing enemies.

Step 2: Speak to the Exo Stranger for Your Reward

Image showing the A Hard Rain Falls reward.

Upon hitting 100% progress on step 1 you will trigger the next step in the quest which is to return to the Campsite to speak to the Exo Stranger. Make your way back to this location on Europa and speak to the Stranger. When you speak with the Stranger they will give you the High Albedo sidearm.

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