5 Things to Do After Beating Days Gone

So you did it. You returned to the Wizard Island, exacted your revenge, got the girl and lived happily ever after. If you’re wondering what to do next, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 things to do after beating Days Gone.

Complete Trophies

Complete Trophies

There are a total of 45 trophies for players to collect as they playthrough Days Gone. Many of these trophies can be earned simply by playing the main storyline, but some are a bit more involved. If you want to do something after beating Days Gone, try platinuming the game. To help you, here’s our Days Gone trophy guide.

Complete Storylines You Missed or Couldn’t Finish

Complete Storylines You Missed or Couldn't Finish

There are a number of storylines for players to complete as they play Days Gone. These storylines involve completing certain missions. For completing storylines players earn different rewards such as crafting recipes, bike skins, and weapons. If you haven’t got around to all the storylines, take the time to complete them once you’ve finished the game. Some storylines even require you having beaten the game to complete them (like I’m Never Giving Up)!

Take Down Hordes

Take Down Hordes

Hordes are basically Days Gone’s endgame activities. These large gatherings of Swarmers become marked on your map towards the end of the game. There are a lot of them and they vary in difficulty. Chance are high that you won’t be strong enough to clear all Hordes out as your playing through the story, but once you’ve completed the game you should be stronger and have better weapons (cough* Chicago Chopper *cough). For clearing Hordes out unlocks a ton of decent weapons and a Custom Motorcycle skin.

More: Check out our guide to killing hordes.

Upgrade Your Bike

Upgrade Your Bike

To fully upgrade your motorcycle in Days Gone takes a ton of work. Most of the really high end upgrades are locked behind Level 3 Trust at Encampments. If you want a crazy good motorcycle, you will need to put in some serious work. Completing tasks like Hordes and Bounties are good ways of unlocking better upgrades for you bike.

Wait for Days Gone DLC

Wait for Days Gone DLC

If you’ve done everything on this list or are simply burnout on the game, that’s okay. Put the game down and wait for DLC to come down the pipe. As of now we only know of Free June DLC that Studio Bend has announced. This DLC will feature a new difficulty (Survival) and weekly events with new rewards. Ready more about the upcoming DLC here.

Did you beat Days Gone? Let me know in the comments below. Also let me know what you are doing now that you’ve beaten the game.

Thoughts on these 5 things to do after beating Days Gone? Drop them in The Pit below.


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2 responses

  1. BadGoat_666 says:

    I did all the storylines and fully upgraded my bike and Deacon during the main story. Life after the story for me consisted only of finding the last few IPCA Techs and the hordes that appear in the Highway 97 region after the story is over. Once I found the Techs and killed the hordes there was literally nothing to do. A wasteland of boring. Oh there are still random marauders, road traps, and night time brings the freaks. Woopy feckin’ doo! There is NO CONTINUED PLAY VALUE once you are a “Hundred Percenter.” If I had designed this game nests would respawn after several days, but only after the Infestation Exterminator storyline was completed. Same with marauder camps, same with hordes. But Bend wasn’t that smart, were they? If you want real life after Days Gone, don’t burn any nests, don’t kill any hordes, and don’t attack any enemy camps that aren’t main story related. Make it even more fun by not buying any guns, not upgrading your bike, and not getting NERO injectors. Then you will have an exciting life after Days Gone. And lets hope that at some point Bend adds the respawn of camps, nests, and hordes that I talked about. Even the story related ones like the Logging Camp nests, and the Old Sawmill and Iron Butte hordes.

  2. Andrew Taylor says:

    I have completed the game and done all the other items in the game. My bike is awesome and I have bought all the weapons so just to keep repairing and fuelling if too lazy to find any fuel means killing anything and trading it back for camp credits. I hope the DLC is challenging with hoarded that hunt you to death lol

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