Youtubers Life 2 Droid Upgrades List

At the beginning of Youtubers Life 2 players receive a special droid. This droid is very important for a wide variety of aspects of the game. Many of the gameplay mechanics involve the droid in some regard. When you start out the droid can only do very litter. As you progress you can unlock new abilities for your buddy. To keep track of the unlocks see our Youtubers Life 2 Droid upgrades list below.

Er-Tech Droid Upgrades and Items

Image showing where to upgrade the droid in YouTubers Life 2.

To upgrade your droid you want to visit the shop called ER-Tech in the City Hall neighborhood. This shop specializes in all things droid related. Inside the shop you will find a variety of items you can purchase to improve your droid’s functions and looks. The table below features the items you can purchase, what they cost, and their use.

ASIF50 Dronnie AcidDrone Case1,000
Sunny CyDroneDrone Case 30,000
Fire CyDroneDrone Case10,000
MaxPow Poineer EverestDrone Case20,000
E-Flounder ClownfishDrone Case – Waterproof10,000
Waterproof FunctionRecord videos in rain or humid weather150 (unlocks first rain day).
Streaming FunctionLivestream anywhere2,000
Night Vision FunctionRecord at night2,000
Antifreeze FunctionRecord in cold temperatures5,000
Memory Upgrades 1+2Increase video slots (+3/per)5,000 + 20,000
Stealth FunctionRecord in off limit areas10,000
Live Streaming FunctionLivestream from any event or place20,000

All of the items listed above can be found in the shop. Some are on the tables while the functions can be found on the wall on the back in the workshop area. When you purchase a function it is automatically applied to your drone.

As you advance through the main game you will need to upgrade your drone with the various functions and skins listed above. This will allow you to continue to grow your NewTube channel.

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