Yakshas The Guardian Adepti Location in Genshin Impact

During the Glimmers of the Vigilant quest in Genshin Impact players are tasked with finding a special book. This item is located somewhere around the Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor. If you want to know where to find Yakshas The Guardian Adepti in Genshin Impact you’ve come to the right place. See our guide below for more details.

Search for Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti

Image showing the Yakshas The Guardian Adepti location in Genshin Impact.

Once you visit the Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor you will be tasked with finding Yakshas The Guardian Adepti. This name may sound like a character, but it is actually a book you need to find nearby. The book itself is located near Jifang in the bookhouse. Simply head to the left of Jifang’s desk to find another desk with the book on top of it.

When you grab the book you will trigger a cutscene. This cutscene features a short animation detailing some history about the world. Once the cutscene is triggered you will start a new quest step to return to Wangshu Inn. Back at the inn you will need to speak to the Starsnatcher. Speaking to Starsnatcher will trigger a conversation then some combat. After the combat you will complete the quest. You will then trigger a new quest to complete.

That’s all you need to know to find the book in this quest. This is one of many new quests that is currently active in the Lantern Rite event that is currently running. For more information on this event check our Genshin Impact section for more guides and walkthroughs.

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