Where to Find the White Mask Varre Offline NPC in Elden Ring

Today’s patch for Elden Ring, v1.06, made a number of different tweaks and changes to the game including a major one to White Mask Varre’s questline. Prior to the patch players had to complete invasions online to advance the questline. Now, thanks to 1.06, there is a new offline NPC players can find and fight instead to complete that portion of the quest. The guide below shows you where to find the White Mask Varre offline NPC in Elden Ring.

NPC Magnus the Beast Claw’s Location

Once you meet White Maske Varre at the Rose Church in Liurnia, he gives you an item called the Festering Bloody Finger. This item can be used to invade other player’s worlds when you are online. If you are offline you need to find a specific NPC named Magnus the Beast Claw and invade his world instead.

To find Magnus the Beast Claw head to the Altus Plateau. In the northern portion of this area (west of the large tree) is a named location called the Writheblood Ruins. Inside of the northeastern Writheblood Ruins is a red summon sign. Interact with the summons sign and select yes when asked to use a Festering Bloody Finger to invade Magnus the Beast Claw’s world.

After a short loading sequence you will enter Magnus world. Defeat Magnus in battle and you will receive a Rune Arc and Furlcalling Finger Remedy immediately. Once you return to your world you will then receive the Great Stars weapon and a Somber Smithing Stone [6].

Once you’ve defeated Magnus head back to White Mask Varre at the Rose Church. He will congratulate you on taking down the enemy. The next portion of the questline will begin where you need to dip the Lord of Blood’s Favor in the blood of a maiden.

Video Guide

I made a super short video showing the location and battle with Magnus. Check it out if you need further details or just want to watch me face off against the new enemy. If you liked the video consider liking and subscribing to the Hold To Reset channel.

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