Where to Find the Quality Meat in Resident Evil Village

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There is a cooking system in Resident Evil Village that allows players to upgrade Ethan’s health, defense, and movement. This system is provided by the game’s merchant called Duke. While most of the ingredients are easy enough to find, there are three rare types. One of the rare types is the Quality Meat. To help you find this ingredient we’ve put together this guide. See where to find the quality meat in Resident Evil Village below.

Quality Meat Location in Resident Evil 8

Image showing where to find the Quality Meat ingredient in Resident Evil Village.
Head to this location to find a white pig.

Finding the Quality Meat is fairly straightforward. The animal you need to find is a white pig that appears in Elena’s backyard after you visit the Village the second time around. Go to the map location shown above to find the white pig. Shoot the pig then loot its body to receive the Quality Meat ingredient.

Once you have the ingredient you can take it to Duke. Duke will use this ingredient in a single dish called the Ciorb de Porc. If you cook and eat the Ciorb de Porc dish Ethan gains even more defense when blocking attacks. This bonus is very useful especially on higher difficulties.

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