Valve Shows First Look at Half-Life: Alyx in Announcement Trailer

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It has been a long time coming for many people, but Valve has finally revelead the next title in its popular Half-Life series. Dubbed Half-Life: Alyx the new virtual reality title is slated to release in March 2020. Valve released an announcement trailer earlier today showing the first look at Half-Life: Alyx. Check it out below.

Half-Life: Alyx Announcment Trailer

In Half-Life: Alyx players take on the role of Alyx Vance during a time period set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Alyx faces off against vicious alien race known as the Combine. She must rescue her father while while taking part in a mix of first person combat and puzzle solving.

Half-Life: Alyx is powered by Valve’s Source 2 engine. This game can be played on the Valve Index as well as other PC VR Headsets. If you wish to pre-order the game now you can do so at the Half-Life: Alyx Steam Page for $59.99. Players that buy the Valve Index headset before the end of 2019 will receive these unique bonuses in 2020:

  • Explore environments from Half-Life: Alyx in your SteamVR Home space
  • Alternate gun skins to embellish Alyx’s arsenal
  • Special Half-Life: Alyx-themed content for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

When Half-life: Alyx launches next year a set of Source 2 tools will release along side it which enable players to build and contribute new environments for the community to enjoy. These environments can then be explored in VR by others.

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