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The To the Stars Once More web event is currently running in Genshin Impact. This web event tasks players with sending invites to players that are currently inactive from the game. To lure them back as it were, players can share codes with these players to receive special rewards that include Primogems and other items. To make sharing your codes easier this post will serve as a To the Stars Once More Code Share Megathread. More details can be found below.

To the Stars Once More Web Event Details

Before diving down into the comments to share/find a code we need to touch on a few points. These points were shared directly by miHoYo at the post here. As this is a web event there are certain eligibility requirements players must meet for this to work for both returning and active players:

=Returning Players=

Must meet the following criteria as of the end of the Version 1.5 update maintenance:

1. Adventure Rank 10 or above

2. At least 14 days since last game login

3. The last time that the player activated the “Stellar Reunion” event was over 45 days

ago (not including the day of activation)

※ Note: “Stellar Reunion” — An in-game event that Returning Adventurers can take part in.

Take part to receive rewards including Primogems ×500, Fragile Resin ×3, and the 4-star sword Prototype Rancour.

=Active Adventurers=

Adventurers at Adventure Rank 10 or above who are not Returning Adventurers

Like always you PC & Mobile players can take part in the event by going to the event webpage. Ps4 and Ps5 players must use the in-game mail to access the event. Returning players can look below for any codes they wish to use to access this event. Be sure to let other players know if you used their event code.

Thoughts on our To the Stars Once More Code Share post? Drop them in The Pit below.



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224 responses

  1. SteinBb says:


  2. GoD_ says:

    Please use this link, thank you guys. And leave yours as well so i can help you too.

  3. Cameron says:

    Here is mine ! Thank you! GB27PJPMUN
    Do you guys know why it says invalid when I try to type in your codes? I am logged into my account. Weird

  4. Cute Panda Roll says:

    If anyone wants to help me out thank you :3 GC3LY3ZBHN

  5. Ernesto says:

    Heres an unused link for anyine that can’t find a working one.
    Thank you and have fun~

  6. arf says:


    code :3

  7. Kala says:

    to anyone who can use this one, thank you!

  8. McAmber says:


  9. Haruharu304 says:

    Use mine, please! GCAWSRBYHN :£ IT’s my birthday!

  10. moomanu says:


  11. cpor says:



    GB2CT7FA6N my code

  13. Oz says:

    GA3KS2SU9N , kindly use my code , i can help you if u need it, server Asia , thanks.

  14. AR55 active daily says:

    Code for copy: GC60PXPCHN
    or click on this link:
    Thanks for using mine!

  15. dnalow says:

    my code: GCDFD4YPHN

    i would greatly appreciate you using it ❤️

  16. Rapt says:

    Hello , im an AR 51 , here is my code , please only use it if you will actually take part in the event , I play daily so i can help if you need it.


  17. Rapt says:

    Hello , im an AR 51 , here is my code , please use it , I play daily so i can help if you need it.


  18. Alexandria Minniefield says:

    Yo peeps, I got literally no friends, so please take the code, don’t judge me for my aloneness.


  19. SimanSimon says:

    Hi, I’m an active player, level 47. I’ll be happy if you use my code and will gladly help with anything. Thanks!

    Code: GC8P7Z0BHN

  20. XenoGrease says:

    Hi! This is my code: GCF6EFG7HN

    I’m AR 55 so im sure I can help you in return!

  21. Rapt says:

    here is my code , please use it , I play daily so i can help if you need it


  22. Minnie says:

    Please use code GC64SDHFHN! Thank you 😊

  23. Ben says:

    Would be happy to find new Friends. I am playing Daily so maybe also I can support you.
    GCD6RN4ZHN my code

  24. car says:

    use code GBFDA91VUN

  25. Pear says:

    None of my friends IRL play Genshin T-T think this thread is worth a shot! Im not sure if server matters but I use the American server, code is GBCCHVDVUN or use this link

  26. Investigator? says:

    Please use my code! It’s GB8HJEHUUN
    Is the link to the website!

  27. Kattorin says:

    How would I know where my code is? I have to send it to my friend

  28. Ryudi says:

    Hey if you have a chance to help out, here is my link for the American server. Really appreciate it!

  29. Falea says:

    i never did figure out how to add someone code in … been looking since day one so i give up

  30. Maggie says:

    If anyone could use my link I would be grateful, I don’t have genshin friends:

    I’m from EU, my UID is 709469366. If you want, you can also add me as a friend!

  31. Andrew says:

    If anyone is having trouble Try to use this link its my code and should have no uses as of now!

  32. Cedar says:

    If anyone could use this I’d be so grateful! I’m on the North America server btw
    Code: GB3V0OEK6N

  33. Nikuchi says:

    If anyone could use my code I would be grateful, I don’t have genshin friends. I’m from EU, my UID is 709469366 and my code is GCED8DDWHN. If you want, you can also add me as a friend!

  34. Steve says:

    If someone could use my code that would be great, thanks!

    • Akira says:

      Thank you <3 I have not logged in for a month and all these events are so confusing. I didn't know where I was supposed to get the code but yours worked for me!

  35. Eryqêt says:

    Here is my gode if you feel so inclined to use it for the america server. Thanks. GB7E8MHTUN

  36. Eliot says:

    Well, if anyone wants it, my code is GBDT4X7MUN

  37. Novus says:

    GAD5FESZ9N , here’s my code, if anyone would want

  38. Kyndra says:

    I don’t know anybody whose accounts meet the requirements of returning adventurer, so if anyone can add me it’ll be much appreciated! My code is GB6IWYWNUN – I am on the North American server!

  39. jake says:

    use if you want 🙂

  40. Shezja says:

    My code: GCDKOVQZHN
    Server: Europe

  41. Drew says:

    Will try to use those here as well other

  42. Sphinx 823 says:

    GC6MA46IHN (European server)

  43. Jeffery says:

    My code for the European server.

  44. Lynn says:

    My code: GB88GFUVUN
    on the North American server!
    Thank you all so much and good luck!!

  45. Fury says:

    Here you go if you want 🙂

    I just have a question, how and where do we enter the code we got? Because I can’t find information on it anywhere.

  46. Kusipask Härski says:

    Feel free to use my code!


    Thank you!

  47. oz says:

    here’s my code, server asia i can help you if u want 😀 GA3KS2SU9N

  48. driggers92 says:

    My code is GCBUE4BPHN

    Please use if you’re able, thank you!

  49. Hajimeme says:



    Please use, thanks!

  50. Pokemon0099 says:


  51. DrivenJester says:

    Heres my Code: GBA1450J6N

    Thank you so much!!

  52. Sabrina says:

    Here’s mine: GB93IMR8UN

  53. Jorm says:


    Hi, use my code if you can!

  54. 호호 says:

    Please use if you’d like, thank you ♡

  55. Joshua Hopper says:

    anyone to click on this for me would be appreciated if you haven’t played in a while

  56. HyouKisaki says:

    My code is for the NA server, please use it if you can! Thank you~

    Code: GBCBBH95UN

  57. Aysh says:

    Took me so long to figure this event out but uh, use my code if you’d like.


    Thanks 🙂

  58. corki says:

    Please use my code ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ <3

  59. efern says:

    please use my code GBFBQU0J6N

  60. Link says:

    um h-hi? i might sound annoying but use my code?GB8O1YK1UN

  61. Wide Putin says:

    use my code 😀


  62. Trending Over says:

    GCDG9L8SHN, Please use my code, I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂 <3

  63. Sarah says:


    Please use my code! Thanks 😀

  64. Zhedi says:

    This is my link for the NA server

  65. paige says:

    I’m drawing free portraits for people who use my code [ GBD2O9XMUN ]

  66. SparklingDew says:

    My code is GB5J61LJ6N Thank you! <3

  67. Raynebow says:

    My code is GBARF551UN if you would like to use it <333 thank you~!

  68. Hina says:

    NA server, not sure how it works but please use GB5WP856UN

  69. toast says:

    Hi! My code is GB2YJLWA6N please use!! <3 i would appreciate :,)

  70. Hallo says:

    My code for the NA server, plz use! GB4JQ696UN

  71. Neve Rempel says:

    GB2690I6UN, Please use my code if you can!

  72. tushar jariwala says:

    GCALHHOPHN please use the code returning and new players interested in getting extra rewards from your playtime!! 🙂

  73. EmergencyFood says:

    Returning players can use this code for event and its rewards: GCDTM6VBHN

    You can use it after logging into the game. Go to Settings, then Account, and Redeem Code and enter your code there.
    Have fun!

  74. meow says:

    GC0Z5YOZHN EU pls use tyy<33

  75. albedo simp says:

    GB4ZURHVUN NA server pls use it <3

  76. Lionlayle says:

    GC5ZTJUSHN is my code on the European server! Let me know if you use my code! I’ll help in game if you want 👍

  77. schlnra says:

    idk how this works but Eu server:

  78. Zhongli simp says:

    GC7YMGP0HN is my code (EU servers),, I have no idea how this event even works but let’s try it-

  79. maya says:

    if anyone in europe would be so kind to use this code:


    thx <3

  80. Tōketsu says:

    My code is GBBL2TOA6N

  81. AeiRis says:

    My code is GB94RXDTUN
    Please use if possible

  82. MelonShiba says:

    Hi my code is GC3OQDE0HN, thank you! ^^

  83. jessy says:

    GCE4MSCIHN here’s my code , thanks

  84. Griever says:

    GCA6YKMZHN tks 😉

  85. Enyania says:

    My code: GA5CWKF39N

  86. Truska says:

    hi, i would be really thankful if someone used my link, im on the europe server
    thanks a lot <3

  87. Lucky says:

    GCCDGHXFHN is my code.

  88. Marszpace says:

    Hi! My code is GAF0HIW99N on the Asia server!
    Please help if you can!
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  89. James Amazer says:

    It would be a great honor if you used my code: GB19BUOHUN

    May your next wish be a 5 star.

  90. Flub says:

    GB55LIT6UN here’s my code if you all would be so kind

  91. chaiisae says:

    heres’ my code: GBDDHW3XUN

  92. Hu Tao says:

    if you’d like code here it is: GA2EQ3SR9N

  93. Namaenamae says:

    Here’s my code: GA209EPB9N

  94. Scent Xavor says:

    GA3KS2SU9N, here’s my code , thanks

  95. Me says:

    Asian Server



  96. AoriSushi says:

    Hello! My code is GBDERH72UN on the American server, in case you’d like to use it.

    Here is the link to the directly log in as well:

    Thank you!

  97. niceu says:

    Hi! my code is GBFBIOTUUN on the American server, please help if you can!

  98. Jason Ryan says:

    Hey feel free to use my code america server

  99. Hax says:

    Heyo! Please use the link posted here:

    You can see the link has the “Code” written at the end of it so all you need to do is share the link. If you are a returning player please use my link!

  100. Falea says:

    GBF1BM7XUN PLZ tell me how to add someone code in… i search everywere and can not find the answer

  101. Isami says:

    Hi, my code is GAFIWLYR9N on the asian server!

  102. Faye says:

    My codes GB1WDMQVUN, this event is annoying lol

  103. Sevin says:

    Hello, I’d like to share my code as well! GB873ROJ6N

  104. Abe says:


    Please use my code! Thank you!

  105. Hosein says:

    Hi I thought I give it a shot as well
    my code: GCBJ0COFHN

  106. Tsuki says:

    My code is GBBLDC56UN on the America server.

    This link should let you directly log in to the event with my code to make it easier if you want:

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  107. Artolias says:

    Hello, my code is GB0MVYNA6N

  108. Lolyenne says:

    Hi! My code is GC6F6TLWHN if anyone would like to use it.

  109. Trista says:

    Hiya, my event code is GB568GHK6N on the American server

  110. Tenshi says:

    Hello! My code is GBF72IRTUN in case anyone would like to use it.

  111. Said says:

    Hi, my code is GC0UFTEFHN on the EU server

  112. terri says:

    how do we use the codes? im honestly very confused with this
    also my code is GB05RLTNUN

  113. NoHurtu says:

    “GBDLHXLQUN” here’s my code 🙂

  114. You says:


    My code, thx!

  115. Falea says:


  116. Ephraim says:

    You can also use mine: GC0JQFA0HN

  117. Kavasa says:

    Hello! My code is GB2RSLWTUN feel free to use it if you want!

  118. Selph says:

    Hi! My code is GCD3LCUFHN if anyone wants to use it 🙂

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