The Vengeance of the Berserker – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

The third and final quest in The Way of the Berserker is called The Vengeance of the Berserker. This quest begins immediately after speaking to Bjorn at the end of The Ritual of the Berserker quest. As the name of this quest suggests you and Bjorn will be exacting vengeance on the people responsible for killing his wife. To help complete this mission use our The Vengeance of the Berserker guide below.

Attack Beodoricsworth with Bjorn

As soon as you are done speaking to Bjorn at the tree he will run off into battle. Follow after him and help him complete the raid on Beodoricsworth. As you defeat enemies you will fill up a meter. Once this meter is full you will have to fight the leader. Defeat the leader to complete the vengeance mission of Bjorn.

Help Njal and Recruit Bjorn

Image showing recruiting Bjorn in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

After the mission is over Njal will be slightly injured. To heal Njal you need to pick some flowers off of Borns wife’s grave. The grave can be found beside the Gallows Tree. Once you have the plants take them to Bjorn who is along the path leading up the the tree with Njal.

Upon completion of the quest you will unlock Bjorn as a member of your clan. This means you can call upon him to help you when raiding. You can also send him out to aid others in battle via the Barracks building in your settlement.

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