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This page is home to our The Last of Us 2 Tracking Lesson collectibles guide. In this guide you will find any available collectibles for the Tracking Lesson mission that is part of Chapter 5. Since the mission itself is fairly short there are only a few collectibles you will need to grab. Let’s get started.

Tracking Lesson Collectibles List (4 Total)

  • 3 Artifacts.
  • 1 Coin.

Thank You Card from Mel & Owen’s Drawing of Abby Locations

Image showing the Thank You Card from Mel & Owen’s Drawing of Abby Locations.

You receive both the Thank You Card from Mel (1/3) and Owen’s Drawing of Abby (2/3) when you start the Park chapter. If you wish to view these collectibles simply open your backpack and select Artifacts to view them.

Zoo Holiday Brochure Location

Image showing the location of the Zoo Holiday Brochure Location.

Walk downhill through the forest so you reach the two washroom buildings. Don’t go into the buildings. Instead continue following the dirt path over to the gazebo. On a bench in the gazebo is the Zoo Holiday Brochure (3/3).

Virginia 1978 Coin Location

To advance the story you need to enter the men’s bathroom. Inside the bathroom some trash and throw it at the window above the sinks. Climb out this window and walk over to the farthest dumpster and grab the Virginia 1978 Coin (1/1) that is on the edge. This has to be done to progress the story.

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