The Last of Us 2: Ground Zero Collectibles Locations Guide

Inside the hospital Abby will be apprehended. After a brief cutsene she will be released and is tasked with making her way down to the lowers floors of the hospital to look for supplies. While searching the hospital for supplies players should also search for the 8 collectibles that are available in the Ground Zero mission. To find all 8 of these collectibles follow our TLOU 2 Ground Zero collectibles locations guide below.

Ground Zero Collectibles List (8 Total)

  • Artifacts: 5
  • Coins: 2
  • Workbenches: 1

Like most collectibles in this game you will want to grab them in the order they are listed below as you can very easily get gated from returning to an area. If for some reason you do miss a collectible you can replay a chapter from the Main Menu > Story > Chapters screen.

Ground Zero Coin #1: Washington Location

After you go down the first staircase while following Nora you will find the Washington Coin (1/2) behind the coffee bar counter in the hospital lobby.

Ground Zero Artifact #1: Annex Letter Location

Image showing the Ground Zero Artifact #1 Annex Letter Location.

Follow Nora until you split up at the Oncology Center. Head deeper into this area until you reach a set of stairs heading down. Don’t go down the stairs. Instead turn to the right of them and look for a room that is accessible by crawling under a filing cabinet. Crawl under the cabinet and grab the Annex Letter (1/5) from next to the corpse inside.

Ground Zero Artifact #2: Soldier’s Letter Location

Leave the room above and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs you can drop down to the floor below. Do this then walk towards the turnstile on the right. Interact with the bag next to the body here to get the Soldier’s Letter (2/5).

Ground Zero Artifact #3: Chapel Note Location

In this same area of the above collectible you will see a yellow door. Don’t go into this door yet. Instead turn around and head into the Chapel. Make your way up to the altar to grab the Chapel Note (3/5).

Ground Zero Artifact #4: Patient’s Note Location

Return to the last room and go through the yellow door. Pass through the contamination tunnel and squeeze through the doors at the end to reach the large tent hospital. In the lobby area look for room 24 (second on your right). Smash in the window in-front of this room and crouch to get inside. Grab the Patient’s Note (4/5) off the stretcher next to the patient.

Ground Zero Artifact #5: Doctor’s Note Location

Image showing the Ground Zero Artifact #5 Doctor’s Note Location.

Head through the lobby area so you reach Surgery. Inside Surgery enter the second room on your left and break the window there. Jump into the next room and grab the Doctor’s Note (5/5) off the desk.

Ground Zero Workbench #1 Location

Climb over the wall in the room you got the collectible above and turn left. Head into the next room to reach the Workbench (1/1). You will need to come to this room to turn on the power for story purposes.

Ground Zero Coin #2: Hawaii Location

Image showing the Ground Zero Coin #2 Hawaii Location.

With the power back on head to the lobby and enter the main hallway that was locked. Travel through this hallway into the parking garage. Interact with the ambulance to trigger a cutscene. Complete the chase sequence then defeat the bosses. Leave the boss arena to enter a parkade. Head to your left then smash the window on the guard shack to get the Hawaii Coin (2/2).

That’s all the locations of the collectibles in the Ground Zero mission of The Last of Us Part 2. The next mission Return to the Aquarium has not collectibles. We pick things up again on mission 37 The Marina.

Next Level: The Marina collectibles guide.

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