The Division 2: What to Do with Ivory Keys

As you playthrough The Division 2 you may encounter an item called the Ivory Key. This item drops off the game’s Hunter enemy type which spawn from completing various puzzles around DC. These keys are somewhat mysterious and may have you wondering what to do with it? To help you answer this question here what to do with Ivory Keys.

What’s Inside the Ivory Key Weapon Case?

Image showing the Ivory Key case in The Division 2.
Image showing what's inside the Ivory Key Case in The Division 2.

Inside the White House you may have noticed a locked Weapon Case requiring Ivory Keys to open. The Weapon Case I speak of can be found on the ground floor of the White House next to the Barber. To open the Weapon Case you need to find a total of 8 Ivory Key(s). Once you have 8 Ivory Key(s) you can open the Weapon Case to collect your rewards. Upon opening the Ivory Key Weapon Case you receive the following:

  • Shield Splinterer High End Assault Rifle.
  • Hunter’s Axe Backpack Trophy.
  • Ivory Weapon Skin.

Overall the rewards are fairly lackluster given the amount of effort it takes to defeat all 12 Hunters. With that said if you are a completionist who wants to get everything, it is something you will need to do. Good luck.

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